She Got the Power (Prod. Troy K​.​)

by R.U.I.N.

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Funny, now that I'm pretty sure I found my future wife, I feel more comfortable putting this out, knowing its true of me, but not entirely


(Verse 1)
Now check check out my melody/
See I fell in love but love ain’t never fell into me/
Felt like an irrelevant punk/ a celibate monk/
I feel so lonely and I’m telling you cause /
Like Neyo, I’m so sick of every love song on
The radio/ “You’ll find someone”, don’t play me yo/
Sluty floosies don’t phase me/ but then you came and
I picked a whole big bouquet of upsy-daisies/
She got me tripping/ like slipping/ on banana peels/
Full of jolly, now I know how Santa feels/
I blunder with the words/ smother all of her/
Wonder has occurred/ I’ll make a mother outta her/
If her body is a Wonderland, than her mind/
Is a big Benemoth, I gotta get in line/
Butterflies/ in my stomach, got a whole conservatory/
Just/ hope this my first love story but/

(Hook) (X2)
Now you’re gone, and I’m writing this song/
Now you’re gone, and I’m writing this song/
I’m picking petals off the flower/
She loves me, she loves me not but she’s got the power/

(Verse 2)
I thought I played it cool and kept my distance/
Abided by the rules, paid close attention/
So I shined up my shoes, ready to step in/
Then she acted so rude, so I said F This! /
Singing CeeLo’s “Forget You”, the dirty version/
You’re kinda surprised, you’ve never heard me cursing/
I gotta tell you straight up, like an obelisk/
That If my life is like a box of chocolates/
Then I’m a get/ mine back, shove it in your face/
There’s your comfort food, forget it I’m done with the chase/
I’ma spit hot fire without a cinnamon heart/
Won’t miss you, got another chick filling your part/
Nah, I don’t, I’m lying, I’m just a bitter kid/
Whose a little pissed, never got to bit her lip/
I’m not a misogynist, I’m not angry at all women/
Just you but I’m still reminiscing/

(Hook) (X2)

(Verse 3)
It’s time for Valentine’s Day to be abolished/
Stab Cupid with his own arrow, don’t need no accomplice/
Ladies I understand you don’t ask for guys/ who
Are asinine/ as they pass you by/ rate your ass a nine/
But I guess the task is mine/ to explain with fantastic rhymes/ exactly why/ you can’t quite right snag a nice/
Gentlemen/ you keep telling them/ to slow your roll/
So please don’t ask in the next breathe, where’d all the good men go? /
Use to be like, ‘baby unless you a lesbian/
Let’s be in/ a relationship, or at least pretend/ you know
What, even if you are, I don’t need to fence b’ in/
Just please some men/ and cease to send/ the message ‘Oh, let’s be friends’/
I’m not a pretty puppy!!! Oh look at how upset he gets/
Yeah I’m angry and pissed off, but in my best defense/
If husbands had a resume, you’d hire me right away/
But instead the Saint’s desires stay in silent shame/

(Hook) (X2)


released August 2, 2013
Recorded at the Reservoir

Production by Troy K.

Cover art done by the talent Jeff Baker, check out his comics at:



all rights reserved