The Audacity of DOPE

by R.U.I.N.

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R.U.I.N. is a Toronto Emcee and fairly new to the game at the age of 21. Influenced by Immortal Technique, D-Sisive, Common, Eminem, Shad K., Relic, Joe Budden, and Nas (just to name a few), he seeks out to explore all sides of Hip-Hop, providing fun music as well as addressing life's hardest issues. His first studio album, The Audacity of DOPE, is set for release this summer featuring production chiefly from Relic and Troy K.. Made up of 15 tracks it addresses everything from online dating to banksters to diet to suicide, and the album seeks to draw out the meaning of what it is to be a Saint, to live righteous in a crazy chaotic world. Gospel of Liberation, without a pulpit. Sainthood without perfection. Willing to die for the world out of love, not because of it out of despair.


released August 16, 2013

Production by

Tracks 1, 6, 12, 14- Relic ( )

Tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 11, 13- Troy K. ( )

Track 7- DJ Clutch ( )

Track 9- Lex Luthorz ( )

Track 15- Stephen Greater

All Recorded at The Reservoir- Brampton, ON

(except for Prince EA's verse)

Singles Artwork provided by Jeff Baker,



all rights reserved
Track Name: Why We Talk (Intro)
(Verse 1)
Here’s to a lifetime/ of kickin’ rhymes/
From Brooklyn/ to Bethlehem, and back again/
I’ve put my mind, soul and heart and I packed’em in/
To this Magnum Opus, so I ain’t slacking kid/
Y’all act dumb, no focus, so I’ll paint canvases/
Of tantrums, so notice, a saint who manages/
To keep composure/ while standing in a fire/
Deep/ that erodes the/ planning of desires/
We want DJs who scratch pass the bare surface/
Emcees doing more than rhyme in their verses/
Graffiti bombers who dare a bigger purpose/
Than them & b-boys who damn care cause its worth it/
Scholars who ain’t all artsy fartsy superior/
But wanna transform the human heart’s interior/
The Sharp Tongue EP was like a mothman prophecy/
Had to killed those tracks, before y’all got and saw all me/
So I Solomon-ly, solidly, and solemnly/
Swear/ the Most High, is why I outta be here/
What you’ll audibly hear/ will be hell as funny/
Cause I’ve seen demons, wack rappers look like teletubbies/

(Verse 2)
Don’t care about the money, that just hold me back/
I mean shit, Slaughterhouse undersold TobyMac/
Don’t care about status, ‘yeah homie we major’ /
Record execs saying ‘yeah homie we made ya’ /
I know how to pick a fight but I gotta learn/
What fights are worth fighting, what bridges not to burn/
My sisters in Church/ fight to end patriarchy/
Fed up with misogyny, ready to start beef/
Keep my white ribbon/ cause these more than nice women/
Breaking stereotypes/ cause they cherish those rights/
Told police that you can’t blame the victim of rape/
Whatever her clothes, race, name or signature traits/
To all those going through suicidal thoughts, I’ve
Been there, please put them same scissors away/
Life ain’t fair/ but you are young one so no matter what/
When we wrestle with God, Jacob’s ladder will come/
Oh they threw you a curve ball? Well, all balls have curves/
So don’t be too surprised by life’s twists, falls, and turns/
A friend of mine said ‘God laughs at all of our plans’/
But thankfully, we’re all in the palm of his hands/

(Verse 3)
God’s divine, God’s the vine, I’m just the shoot of the branch/
Without wisdom’ whispers, I’d never execute, all my plans/
Thank God for choosing to produce this fruit, who I am/
And for seeing Truth, not a minute too soon to understand/
Don’t know much about parliament, so sue me, Riff-Raff/
Focus on the Kingdom, not who pretend to rule me, get that? /
Relic, Troy K., Ill Seer, the new school, my main clan/
Praying for honoring Hip-Hop Honesty true, like amen/
God uses underdogs to put to shame the big dogs/
Even though there are big odds/ cause he’s a Big God/ no I’m not/
Obama, not Audacity of Hope/ sorry Nope/
This the Audacity of Dope/ living Sainthood so/ that’s
Track Name: Ph.D (Playing the Hand Dealt)
(Verse 1)
They on their Shania Twain, don’t impress me much/
Look stupid, like Presley in a blue suit and tux/
I’m built so strong yet so smooth, like a Mazda truck/
My only skill’s getting flukes, cause I mastered luck/
My mind tapped like oil reserves in Alberta/
Got nerve son? / to face machine gun flows with nerf guns?! /
Pew Pew/ the game is my property/ so I’m telling
all y’all dogs to get off my lawn, so shew shew/ don’t bother me/
Y’all Illusionsts, got your tricks, no real dudes/
Got punch Houdini in his kidney lines, they’ll kill you/
So just give me my whip and my cowboy hat/
Cause I’m about to spit, Indie—Anna Jones rap/
Spitting Christina Aguilera rhymes/ cause their
Beautiful, no matter what they say, every line/
Lyrically murderous Dexter, kill tracks in a dark room/
They Dexter too, but more like the Cartoon/

(Hook) (X2)
Ain’t here to Takeover or multiply/
Or mutate, but wait’s over, I’m playing this game/
Playing the hand I’m dealt, giving a try/
Ain’t nothing else, cause the dealer knows my own name/

(Verse 2)
If Ye’ could do “All falls down” and “Jesus Walks” /
Excuse me, if I go all balls out with Jesus talk/
So if No I.D. can scratch Resurrection/
Don’t mind me if I attach these verses to records/
Gold there is, rubies in abundance too but/
Lips that speak knowledge and wisdom are a rare jewel son/
Uni & Hiphop are good fit settle in/
Got this/ God blessed me with the 5th element/ knowledge/
When people talk to God it’s praying, but check it/
But when God talks to people you call them schizophrenic/
I’m out the ward, ready for Open Mic/ but when I
Stroke it right, it opens up for me, hope there’s
“Life/ after Death” but don’t pray hustler’s prayer, I pray
The Lord’s/ God gave me rebirth, I cut my own cord/
I found, once more/ these rappers flaw/ they got
Swag, not righteousness, I’m swag backwards ‘Gaws’/

(Hook) (X2)

(Verse 3)
Gotta hold down the block like a loose Lego piece/
Cause these lil’ kids stay high like a falsetto screech/
Violence pervades from the malls to the streets/
So I’m asking the Lord to lay me by a sweet meadow beach/
I say I need someone to beat on/ I just need someone
to lean on/ someone’s love to feed from/ to see my seed spawn/
But I sold my soul to God, won’t ask for a refund’ /
I refuse to be a tall tree trunk for these dogs to pee on! /
If I’m at my best when I’m a fighter, then I’ll never have peace/
But I’d rather spit truth than a clever ass tweet/
Y’all wanna-be revolutionary, but ain’t do shit/
Never tutored the kids/ or move food with crews off the skids/
All you do is make stupid excuses too quick/ til your
Train of intuitions go swift chew chew off lucid grids/
So about God’s people and the game, I got many cares/
Guess I gotta become the answer to my many prayers/

(Hook) (X2)
Track Name: Brain is Braun (Feat. Prince EA & O.G.)
(Verse 1) (R.U.I.N.)
Must be video cameras I’m causing a scene/
Lost In dreams/ my style on parole, broke out of jail free/
Yeah yeah I’m on U of T/ and York Keele Campus map/
Rhyming lecture, yeah yeah this be for real and f*ck rap/
Listen, my position is Afghanistan/
No English, Soviet, Taliban or American/ goes
With every one of their intricate half-ass plans/ shows
That can ever make me move from where I’m standing/ woah!
I’m gonna seal your crypt/ deal with it/ read me like an
Wide Open book, too bad so sad you’re illiterate/
I’m the ballistic/ mystic/ every track I’m spitting is cryptic/
Except this/ accept it/ or I’ll take your wack record and wreck it! /
Act with knowledge/ cause y’all sure acknowledge/
I demolish/ like a Facebook status, there’s no dislike option/
I’ll Pop pimples on your brain/ while you’re simple and plain/
I hit the ground running hard while you’re limping away/

(Hook) (X2) (R.U.I.N.)
Brain or Braun? / My brain is Braun/
That G on E, that’s why he’s gone/
Didn’t catch the pun? / Spell it out/
My brain is braun, can’t sell it out/

(Verse 2) (Prince EA)
Every journalist I’m conversing with
Knows my verbiage is superfluous
I came from the firmament.
Way before the birds and fish,
My cursive script creates life, kinda like a hydrothermal vent
my deep literature reaches extreme temperatures
I don’t do autographs I leave my heat signature
Breath control like a rebreather its ridiculous
Sweet Jesus he brings demons and heat seeking Greek legions with each speech,
and now you knee deep in it
Thinking im’ cheef keef, bleep bleep keep listening!
Im Deep like what’s beneath the sands of Egypt
Deeper than Stanton Friedman
Deeper than an amniocentesis on the fetus of Jesus
deeper than Trina’s vaginal regions
it's so egregious they cant believe it
ha…..well take your time and spell it out
My Brain is Braun Ill never sell it out.

(Hook) (X2) (R.U.I.N.)

(Verse 3) (O.G.)
I've invested my time and drawn the fine line
Overdosed on reality falling from cloud nine
Now I plan for the future, live for the moment
The poison that is poverty is all too potent
Men drink away all the stress of the day
An old woman walks by me begging for change
I know many a man who stash crack and pack pistols
Plenty of friends who turned rat, mad issues
To put is as a curse is something that I'll never do
I put it in to words but don't place me on a pedestal
These are just my thoughts and they're something that I will express
Never dumb it down cause my pride is in my intellect
Never the less, I rep for my set
West end, Mabelle, Reality Check
This is real hip hop, ink to papyrus
Catch me in the ends rolling up with the pirates

(Hook) (X2) (R.U.I.N.)
Track Name: She's Got the Power
(Verse 1)
Now check check out my melody/
See I fell in love but love ain’t never fell into me/
Felt like an irrelevant punk/ a celibate
Monk/ I feel so lonely and I’m telling you cause /
Like Neyo, I’m so sick of every love song on
The radio/ “You’ll find someone”, don’t play me yo/
Sluty floosies don’t phase me/ but then you came and
I picked a whole big bouquet of upsy-daisies/
She got me tripping/ like slipping/ on banana peels/
Full of jolly, now I know how Santa feels/
I blunder with the words/ smother all of her/
Wonder has occurred/ I’ll make a mother outta her/
If her body is a Wonderland, than her mind/
Is a big Benemoth, I gotta get in line/
Butterflies/ in my stomach, got a whole conservatory/
Just/ hope this my first love story but/

(Hook) (X2)
Now you’re gone, and I’m writing this song/
Now you’re gone, and I’m writing this song/
I’m picking petals off the flower/
She loves me, she loves me not but she’s got the power/

(Verse 2)
I thought I played it cool and kept my distance/
Abided by the rules, paid close attention/
So I shined up my shoes, ready to step in/
Then she acted so rude, so I said F This! /
Singing CeeLo’s “Forget You”, the dirty version/
You’re kinda surprised, you’ve never heard me cursing/
I gotta tell you straight up, like an obelisk/
That If my life is like a box of chocolates/
Then I’m a get/ mine back, shove it in your face/
There’s your comfort food, forget it I’m done with the chase/
I’ma spit hot fire without a cinnamon heart/
Won’t miss you, got another chick filling your part/
Nah, I don’t, I’m lying, I’m just a bitter kid/
Whose a little pissed, never got to bit her lip/
I’m not a misogynist, I’m not angry at all women/
Just you but I’m still reminiscing/

(Hook) (X2)

(Verse 3)
It’s time for Valentine’s Day to be abolished/
Stab Cupid with his own arrow, don’t need no accomplice/
Ladies I understand you don’t ask for guys/ who
Are asinine/ as they pass you by/ rate your ass a nine/
But I guess the task is mine/ to explain with fantastic rhymes/
Exactly why/ you can’t quite right snag a nice/
Gentlemen/ you keep telling them/ to slow your roll/
So please don’t ask in the next breathe, where’d all the good men go? /
Use to be like, ‘baby unless you a lesbian/
Let’s be in/ a relationship, or at least pretend/ you know (
What, even if you are, I don’t need to fence b’ in/
Just please some men/ and cease to send/ the message ‘Oh, let’s be friends’/
I’m not a pretty puppy!!! Oh look at how upset he gets/
Yeah I’m angry and pissed off, but in my best defence/
If husbands had a resume, you’d hire me right away/
But instead the Saint’s desires stay in silent shame/

(Hook) (X2)
Track Name: Triumvirate
(Verse 1)
She was like/ summer nights/ ridiculously hot/
But I wonder, did she miss me or miss me not? /
I returned/ I learned/ she yearned/ for another man/
Truth/ she’s a prostitute/ burning for summer camp/
Type love, puppy love/ I thought I was lucky but/
She rejected me cause I was white, ugly slut! /
Can’t you see I’m the one committed to you dear?! /
I was drunk with love yeah like sipping a new beer/
Writing in notebooks love, I don’t text sweet nothings/
Orgasmic/ reaction/ cause yeah the beat’s coming/
But whenever we tried to create something/ Beautiful/
You knew to go/ my art’s pain hurts to show/
If artists want greatness they must take risks/
If you don’t, it’s like being celibate but wanting kids/
Yes Hiphop/ it got/ my wrist locked/ in my journal/
Cause she’s Beautiful and I hope she’s eternal/

I dance this dance/ I dance this dance/
But I’m really taking quite a big chance/
I dance this dance/ I dance this dance/
But she really had me at her first glance/
I dance this dance/ I dance this dance/
But this is really more than a romance/
I dance this dance/ I dance this dance/
Three partners but only one set of hands/

(Verse 2)
Tell all my boys “I wanna get on top of this!” /
Then I look in her eyes like an optometrist/
Knowledge comes quick but you wanna stay put/
Oh lady Wisdom, she makes saints wait too, while she say ‘shush!’/
Talking about her I have all this adrenaline/
But when my mouth opens, speech impediment/
Man! she’s more beautiful than all the glass sculptures/
She more beautiful than all the world’s cultures/
Yo she’s not just nice, smart and pretty/
She’s more designed than the art of Leonardo Da vinci/
Lyrics I can control, you I can’t handle/
Seeing you, like seeing the Discovery channel/
Cause I can’t look away I’m fascinated/
They can try but eh the moment can’t be narrated/
Seeing you is like seeing a half-crescent moon/
I like what I’ve seen but I want to see more, soon/


(Verse 3)
Seven things God hates: an arrogant look, a lying tongue/
Two wicked hands that shed innocent blood/
With a gun/ an evil heart that devises wicked schemes /
And runs /quickly down evil paths with ease/
For fun/ lies under oath as a witness/
Someone/ who breaks friends apart for business/ yes this shit is/
Not beautiful/ I hope it’s soon to go/
Redemption is gorgeous, and I’m in tune with her new glow/
I finally got rid of these demons they’re shunned/
Now I stand in light of “A Thousand Splendid Suns”/
But now watching the news channel man, is like all of life! /
Something good comes on after all the strife/
This ain’t no soap opera/ drama/ But the revelation
Of resurrection after death’s comma/
Cause after is hits you/ the story continues/
After the slippery slope/ you’re surprised by hope/
It’s beautiful!

(Hook) (x2)
Track Name: St.Hood (Feat. Woodz)
(Verse 1) (R.U.I.N.)
Ivory tower academic, you can expect him/
To have troubling looking in the mirror, learning to accept it/
See, cause I can read a book called ‘The Problem of Pain’/
That shows pain isn’t my problem at all, cause it truly ain’t/
My real problems are cowardice, privilege, and status/
I was born white but when I’m blamed for it, I just can’t stand it/
Our preliminary anguish/ begins with military language/
Expressing our sorrow to all those who can’t understand it/
Screaming at Heaven “What the Hell?!”, don’t ask what is hell? /
They living through it, their wish is at the bottom of the well/
So consider me a Goonie, not a Chris Columbus/
Cause I’ve seen poverty’s riches, they yearning for Justice/
At my life I am disgusted/ so blessed are the destitute/
Share a lot with the rest of you/ but we better learn
to discuss if/ we are the deadly dreaded discontents/
Of a civilization God never meant to exist/

(Hook) (Woodz)
Welcome to St.Hood/
Whether on the block or in a mansion, you know shit ain’t good/
Welcome to St.Hood/
Wonder if Heaven got a ghetto? Yup, its here so stay put /
Welcome to St.Hood/
Whether on the block or in a mansion, you know shit ain’t good/
Welcome to St.Hood/
Where Pains are lessons, and revolution brews life that tastes good/

(Verse 2) (Woodz)
Money is the motive, tax 'n' control'em/
Japedo is my homie, generation raised off hot dogs 'n' bologna/
‎Only hope in the lotto/
Ain't no such thing as starting from the bottom of the bottle uh/
But we still here/
Momma told me if u wanna stack the paper gotta get a career/
Only when I'm sober minded is my judgment clear/
And the media reminds me of what it looks like to live in fear/
Cops 'n' robbers, stocks 'n' Bala clavas, Iraq gun shot non stop gotta survive it,
By any means necessary/
Fiends for the green no such thing as fighting fairly/
Hosting party as bohemian grove no joke/
United snakes don't play the game, they pave the road/
Two lanes with only one way to go,
Maintain capital gain price tags on your soul.../

(Hook) (Woodz)

(Verse 3) (R.U.I.N.)
My Grandmother keeps sending us lottery tickets/
But that’s just a tax on the stupid and the Poverty stricken/
Imagine if 50 Million is what they’re giving away/
What they got in their pocket, from the shit that you play/
Grabbing your keys and coins to scratch up your Bingo cards/
Like their petitions to God/ to change your positional stars/
So look at all the people reading ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’/
They ain’t got time to study politics or know what’s NORAD/
Sometimes I feel like unions arguing over their payment/
Are just a bunch of slaves, talking about their wages/
So thank you McGuinty for my tuition discount/
Maybe I shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds me or take this route/
I fully understand that I’m in a privileged class/
But that don’t mean Capitalism was ever fit to last/
Or that my comfort, is an excuse for injustice/
So I desire the Kingdom of God, nothing else but this/

(Hook) (Woodz)
Track Name: The Sermon (Interlude)
The album cover is not meant to be blasphemous,
But it is meant to be controversial and adversarial
Tupac screams ‘Fuck the World!’
Yet cares enough to make albums to speak for the poor
Jesus says “My Kingdom is not of this world” (John 18:36)
Yet dies on the cross for this world his Father loved
Only those who can truly reject the way things are
Can be prepared to love so deeply
As to die for the way things can be
To hold up Middle fingers to the sin that exists in all of us
Including ourselves
And yet open their arms wide enough to be slain
For the most undeserving of all of us
Is prepared to be a Saint
Many are called but chosen are few,
Will you make the cut? (X3)
Track Name: W.O.W. Pt. 1 (Words of War)
(Intro—Verse 1)
I lit myself on fire with the propane that I found/
Now God inspires me, so I’m not profane but profound/
You say you strong, it won’t be enough, you built like a truck? /
HA! you ain’t King of the city, you built Robbie Ford Tough/
Man, you should just stay far/ time you wish upon a Gangstarr/
I’m really really sorry this is just the way thangs are/
Boys going thrift shopping for vintage Macklemore gimmicks/
Shit, I went to Goodwill, Sally ann, Value Village/
Cause I lived it/ Expected this resilience/ but not the brilliance/
Of this magnificence / Where everything I spill has been this ill since/
You threw up all your gang signs/
But then like Jerry, your Seinfeld when you saw that I came by/

(Hook) (Space Jam Ref.)
If I hit 'em high, hit 'em high, hit 'em high
And you hit 'em low, hit 'em low, hit 'em low
If I hit 'em high, hit 'em high, hit 'em high
And you hit 'em low, hit 'em low, hit 'em low

(Verse 2)
Before I rhyme I stick my d*** in coke/ then I’ll be effing dope/
You lyrical? Hardly/ you want beef think Arby’s/
I don’t smoke dope/ “I ain’t no joke”/ tanned in the light of genius,
Got a stroke/ Pokémon, I’m a monster/ One peek at
You I conquer/ I’ll leave you to God/ brain’s on the track,
I don’t even lose my train of thought/ I’m not/ using words/
I’m making syllables curve/ and Swerve/ to my mind’s urge/
So I don’t even wanna give others a turn/ My God! /
When I hit you, you’ll be clock-a-Snitch-a-phobic/ you compensating
Constipated, you talk-a-lot-of-shit but hold it/
Snuff these wanna-bes, I’ll do it Wal-Mart Style/
Cause I’ll run them over, then I’ll Rollback with a smile/
So you gotta choose with The Blueprint, Jay-Z or KRS? /
Tupac’s back as a fat ass or Tupac never left /
The Industry won’t ever stop seducing’em/ just treat
These Maybach rappers like pennies, just stop producing’em/
And there’s no such thing as a Che Guervara with bling on/
Jay-Z mogul talk to streets sounds to me like klingon/
I may talk over your heads, but never behind your backs/
Straight talking/ no gossip/ this a ‘lemme remind you’ rap /
They say I’m way too intellectual on my rap tracks/
But I’m back/ so all of y’all can just kiss my big abstract/
An oracle can’t be lyrical, gotta be kidding/
Really?/ This verse like New York in 98’, no Biggie/

(Hook) (X2)

(Outro—Verse 3)
I kill boys/ with a filled Hilroy/ make them still noise/ cricket/
Take the g outta their grill, then all they got’s a real choice/
Spit it/ more dreaded than Rastas/ even with a buzz cut/
Feet on the ground/ head in the clouds/ just to tell you what’s up/
See you’re the B-grade movie, I wouldn’t even torrent/
The artsy fartsy snarky flick, that’s too God damn boring/
We traded Pokemon cards, now it’s YouTube videos/
It ain’t that different, it’s all just too really silly yo/
Got our Fantasy MC team, mixing up our roster/
When we should all just really be, fixing up our posture/
I got Words for War, coming straight out my pocket/ but I’m
A pacifist, who won’t pass a fist, cause that’s my logic/
What would happen, if you took all the B-rabbit battle rappers/
Put’em in the library instead of strapping? /
Cause you could rap ‘Fertility lyrically, the d*** of
Noah Webster/ Gamble on strippers, but no one’s bet her (better)’/
But you’re the only one who cares, cause you running from what
You fear the most/ that they’ll see your tears behind all your boasts/
So here’s a quote/ you make a living by what you earn/
But you make a life by what you give, so you should really learn/
Your arrogance, swag, and all your bullshit self-accolades/
Won’t matter a bull’s shit, when you drift, melt and pass away/
Cause boasting won’t get you your respect or pay your mortgage/
Cause Out of everyone, you are not the most important/
Track Name: Cheery-O!
(Verse 1)
I use too be on a SeaFood diet/
I’d see Food, then eat it, I ain’t fancy huh, no cheese and Wine it/
Please don’t rewind it/ please don’t remind him/
Ice cream truck music still seduces N’ excites him/
Now I try to stay off beef, cause of the hormones/
Eating beef, makes me wanna start beef, my warzone/
Off the cob corny, love people like the Lord does/
And stay on the grind like the coffee in your cup/
Evil men covet dough and kill for money/
Exploit the Promised Land flowing with milk and honey/
Their outlook, get bread and cheese from here till death/
Propaganda, food for thought, good it’s not to ingest/
Give thanks for life with its crazy nuts and good apples/
So don’t let any of these bad eggs trap you /
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for what’s right/
Spoon-fed lies all your life, I’m giving you a knife/

Went from eating Cheerios, to saying ‘Cheery O!’/
You want a real rap, oh now, oh here it goes/
Went from eating Cheerios, to saying ‘Cheery O!’/
Raise your glasses, Blare it from your stereos! /
Went from eating Cheerios, to saying ‘Cheery O!’/
You want a real rap, oh now, oh here it goes/
Went from eating Cheerios, to saying ‘Cheery O!’/
Life is sweet, but so surreal like cereal/

(Verse 2)
Allergic to grammar, I’ll never eat my words/
But how will we learn to fly if we eat the birds? /
Did belief in Father God rape Mother Earth? /
And did the secular concrete jungle only make it worse? /
The back of my old church/ had berry trees/
They took em’ out/ left a parking lot, such a scary scene/
It ain’t about/ the salary/ it’s all about reality/
But I don’t know how/ to burn a calorie/ without/ kerosene/
Can’t live on beer and chips, nope I just can’t do it/
Dig it a grave in mud, yup Sandshrew it/
They say Juicy Fruit, is gonna move ya/
Fruit will, not the gum, unless you stupid/
We treat our beer like gold and our water like piss/
There’s GMOs, it seems our problems might persist/
Most of us don’t know where our food comes from/
And if we are what we eat, then guess what, we all lost son/


(Bridge) (X2)
I feed the hungry, you call me a saint/
But if I asked questions about the state/ of poverty/
Why people are hungry in the first place/
You’ll just Call it a short communist phase/ with mockery/

Track Name: W.O.W. Pt. 2 (Words of Wondering)
(Verse 1)
Yo, is the opposite of love, hatred or fear? /
Is the apocalypse future or is it near? /
What’s a worse intoxicant, the rage or the beer? /
And just what am I doing on stage over here? /
Can there be such a thing as proof for truth? /
Did the universe begin? Or is it a loop de loop? /
Are we paranoid with the jitters? / or is there
Really a New World Order, trying to get us? /
Is the worship at the Bohemian Grove harmless? /
And does the media really ignore us? /
Was Jerry Falwell right about the twin towers? /
And would it be much safer to be a coward? /
Is the universe in or out of balance? /
And just what should I prefer to do with these talents? /
God looks and says “You should invest in me”/ then I/
Reply/ “God why/ this too soon sudden mess of me?” /

(Hook) (X2)
This how we philosophize/ When we often ride/
Staring out the Bus window/
Trading Memes and proverbs/ About God and moving onwards/
You gotta trust him though/

(Verse 2)
Does Psalm 78 say God’s an angry drunk? /
And can the infallible ever be debunked? /
Is that which kills us that which made us? / And did Jesus
Travel to India and learn the Vedas? /
Will I die/ with fists raise high/ like Mussolini? /
Unless God in my life starts intervening? /
And can you see if life outta have any meaning /
When your eyes are watery and can’t see any? /
Are those who are deceived but happy more blessed /
Than those who believe the truth but are sorely depressed? /
Am I a heretic if I say I’m unfulfilled? /
How about if I’m mentioned in God’s death will? /
Is there ever a right time to do best and kill? /
Does God’s love run deeper into depths even still? /
God says “Don’t ever try to make a test of me”/
Then I reply “God why this sudden mess of me?” /

(Hook) (X2)

(Verse 3)
Did Iblis not bow to man cause he loved God? /
Did Satan want God’s throne or just his undivided attention? /
Are we wrong cause we want the desire of the stars? /
Or do we wanna keep hell’s souvenirs as we enter heaven? /
Futurama memes, don’t wanna live on this poison planet/
So a lot choose not to, cause they got to, God damn it/
I was riding the subway, an old man just down the car/
Had the word ‘tired’ written on his hand, like it was a scar/
You can see women crying, you can see the homeless drinking/
Some people just jump in front, man what were they thinking? /
Heard a pastor say ‘joylessness’ was a grave sin/
Then I guess we’re all guilty sinners, Can I get an amen? /
We have our clichés, proverbs, parables, and sayings/
Depend upon our wisdom, when we should really be praying/
So we yell at God, ‘you’ll never get the best of us!’ /
Then God replies ‘But where were you when I made you out of dust?’ /

(Hook) (X4)

Knowledge is so proud he knows so much, wisdom is thankful he knows no more
Track Name: Baptism of Fire (Feat. NewBreed MC)

(Verse 1)
My peers been buggin’ out ever since I touched mics/
Call them Mc Disneys’ yup, Bug’s Life/ what’s up doc? /
Elmer Fudd finally got his shot/ see how deep the
Rabbit’s Hole go, when Seaguls on the block/
Eat dead pigeons, cannibalistic, sicker than Avian flu/
It what happens when your friends start aiming at you/
They say every friend you have was once a stranger/
But I can’t change the/ fact it’s reversed when we aim ta/
Cut each other out our lives, enemies,we create those/
Awkward, that was easy, Staples/
Rumours coming at you like 3D pornography/
Killed the track but no Morgue’s autopsy/
I’m jealous they won’t include me now the truth’s told/
The Sun won’t set on my anger Satan won’t get a foot hold/
Won’t drop names, ain’t taking attendance/
Hope you’re in the Book of Life, even just the appendix/


(Verse 2)
Listening to ‘Me Against the World’, shedding Pac’s tears/
Don’t have many peers/ gunned down, except one, Eric/
I remember how we had fun wow, and I cherish/
The time you spent at my house, and my aunt kept caring/
You were 18 and so angry and I was like ten/
But like friends/ we played Gamecube, double O 7/ Then/
All this happened just below heaven/ but didn’t know
That you did get your life together, oh splendid/ When
You moved out of Jane and Finch/ and had two kids/
Til’ it was in the paper, that a cop shot you dead and shit/
Told to respect the police and may be I would/
If they didn’t kill you just when you’re life was getting good/
Man, what happened to innocent until proven guilty? /
I know the judge of all the earth will do right, but still, please/
This wasn’t Rodney King or Sean Bell or Trayvon Martin/
This was someone I knew, now they gone, dearly departed /


(Verse 3) (NewBreed MC)
So heres the deal God/
I'm just tryna survive and keep it real God/
I'm just tryna provide my son a meal God/
but its real hard i feel robbed i think i need a real job/
3 straight summers laid off its no wonder/
that I'm close to the edge and I feel I'm going under/
Sugar hills become mountains and mountains are to climb/
I'm counting on seeking wreasons but answers are hard to find/
if u ain't looking but I'm cooking up plan of attack/
perseverance and endurance build my stamina back/
Thrown into the fire but his hand is on the thermostat/
Purging my pride my insides are burning black/
as black tar as far as tests/
my sin is east As far as west/
And this is just another grey hair bout to pop out of my chest/
I'm still blessed cuz staying under's how my faiths perfected/
and i count it all count it joy cuz persecution is expected/


(Verse 4- Outro)
E'lo-i E'lo-i, la'ma sabachtha'ni/ (Mark 15:34)
Sitting in the office, wondering did God forgot me? /
In the hospital lobby/ so teary, my eyes are soggy/
Inflicted with intrusive illusions that are refusing/
So would it be better if the cop would pop me? / In truth it’s/
It’s confusing and stupid, cause these thoughts are not me/
Truths become ‘probably’s/ the demonic ruse just taunts me/
I’ll just have to assume that if I fell that God had caught me/
Went from top scholar, straight to the psychiatric ward/
Was suicidal, I don’t know what the fuck exactly for/
For all of those with mental illnesses or handicapped/
If they call you a retard, you got the right to smack’em back/
My first word was happy, I hope my last will be blessed/
But now, it’s like I take these pills just to get up to depressed/
My soul’s sole goal is to be a righteous saint/
Baptism of fire is terrifying when God tells ya to wait/
Track Name: The 3 Rs
(Verse 1)
Eh Jax/ Where you gone to, Ajax? /
To escape from Toronto, the awful caldron of your problems? /
To quote Joe Budden Bars/ we may have come apart/
But the rule is still John Q, son can have my heart/
Listen bro, I know exactly what suicidal means now/
cause I’ve been through the drama, and seen down that street now/
Boulevards of Broken dreams, Avenues of ‘Ain’t Mad at You’/
Which of us deserves the blame, don’t know exactly who/
Man, is that even important? / How to extort it? /
But I’m ain’t saying our friendship can ever be restored kid/
But no lie, I was riding the Subway, and saw a status/
Thought you committed suicide, and I was mad as/
Fuck! Cause I blamed myself, had a manic panic attack/
Now on pills for anxiety, don’t know how to relax/
But if Nature calls violently, when you gotta take a piss/
Maybe God calls, when your friend decides to give a shit/
Are you alive?

Repercussion, Regret, Repentance

(Verse 2)
Yo here’s how bullies are made/ when they were kids they/
Were picked on/ then became big dogs/ then were sicked on/
Other little kids, yeah yeah we know this shit’s wrong/
It’s why I wrote the words to the beat of this song/
Yo picture me as a little fat white child/ with a basketball swag style/
Bullied by the 8th graders, no more smile/
So I found this little skinny white kid, named Max/
That I could bully back/ to assert my dominance like a fact/
We were in middle school, obsessed with and messed with the girls/
But Max was obsessed with squirrels, no lying, yup! with the squirrels/
No no no, not sexually man/
But I guess we always fear that which we don’t understand/
But Max, did make all these really cool clay figurines/
Of superheroes like Superman, the Hulk and Wolverine/
I really wanted one of these things/ so I just asked him
‘Could I please have one?’ / and he said, ‘Yeah yeah no prob man, done’ /
But the months went by, and it wasn’t out of the oven/
I started to intimidate with mean stares and punching/
When we were small, gotta show ourselves bigger than we was/
Its what drives all the Governments and Gangs to draw deep blood/
Ripples in the pound, are an ominous omen/
Of the tsunamis coming cause of things we did or were spoken/
It haunts me and I wish I could take some things back/
The last time I heard of Max/ he was smoking crack/
Track Name: Ejection
(Verse 1)
“We don’t smoke, or drink, or swear, we’re pure to the core.” /
“Oh shit we forgot our smokes at the liquor store” /
Yo, all I see are gluttons/ puffing/ till it hurts their stomach/
Thinking that this life is worth nothing/
They’re ignoring the ancient prophetic words of rage spoken/
Now all Hell has been let loose, and Satan’s cage opened/
But he’s got nothing to chase cause all of them run to him/
And he’ll lead them by apathy to places that are dim/
To where you can shop/ till you drop/ and listen to your Christian Pop/
Where you can be a Blackman and still be a W.A.S.P./
You can tell me to stop/ but truth is the consumer creed from
The Cindys to the Sams/ is “I shop therefore I am” /
The tight rope you walk will snap back like a rubber band/
And the right hope you mock will rap back like a mother mad/
Hating the west/ maybe a global trend/
But you don’t have to stress/ their already dead/

(Hook) (X2)
There’s a difference between running the block and running on the block/
I know, I’ve done’em both, I’ve done’em a lot so/
I’m gonna tell ya what you oughta hear, not what you wanna hear/
If we continue how we’re living, I gotta get outta here/

(Verse 2)
You arrange yourself around a TV in high Def./
And because of it your mind has a short depth/
But it keeps us safe, and secure, and idle/
In the ancient days we would have called you an idol/
You desensitize us to the vile/ if I ripped up
The floor tile by tile/ I’d find dead rotting bodies/
Of those who missed the sign posts and lived in denial/
Killing themselves so they could buy an Audi/ all the while/
Reality is a blood trench slaughterhouse/ it’s tripping me out/
But in your fantasy it’s a nice Mickey Mouse/
Then when your people’s/ kids plan/ with illegal/ contraband/
Your tiny world wasn’t just rocked; your world was avalanched/
Yo you go to war, and your kids act like you but
You’re keeping it musical/ with the Seussical/
Cause Horton hears a who/ to kill them all/
Because a victim is a victim no matter how small/

(Hook) (X2)

(Verse 3)
Yo, truth, runs my mind, like God runs the Earth/ it gives
And takes away then I ask what I’m worth/ and he
Humbles me in the sight of all this/ cause he
Can turn a city into a necropolis/ but the
Meaning of this next line you’ll learn is encrypted/ you can’t
Sit on the fence sign cause God burned the bridge with it/
Cause mostof my old friends say ‘Fuck the world’ but make love to it/
And in their stupidity, they all choose to succumb to it/
In my critique of suburbia/ I know that the Hood is in a hurry ta/
Be just as bad and it worries our/
Consumer society that buys magazines/
With celebrities who smile but like you die in agony/
Pleasure- not pain- is the death knell of meaning/
A measure of how you live your life is your pace of breathing/
Cause if you breath quickly, so anxiously/
You’re too close to Death’s kiss, when it just aches to be/

(Hook) (X2)
Track Name: Just a Scratch
(Hook) (X2)
We cannot choose the time we live in/
We can only choose/ what we do/ with the time we are given/

(Verse 1)
Only when your own mind becomes difficult to grapple with/
Will you know that you won’t get the Sistine Chapel pics/
Let alone God’s mind, or why he let Eve take the apple bit/
But you’ll know that you’ll always have an example in/
Your ancestors, heroes and heroines, who championed/
A Way of Life by giving it up, that’s exactly when/
Your old head should be bowed, but you shake it very Scooby/ style
You don’t understand now/ but God always knew thee/ child /
I was told God’s favorites, always have hard times on the last line/
I said “God don’t pick favorites, so I still ask why/
We went through sadistic suffering, baptism of fire/
It’s done now, but we wanna be more than survivors/
They’ll be no scabs to puncture, but the scars will remain/ but what’s
A few more of those, when you weren’t far from Hell’s reign/
Bismilaah, ar-Rahman, ar-Raheem, Hallelujah/
ὁ κύριος μου, ὁ θεός μου ["My Lord, My God"- John 20:28]/
My God, I will praise you/


(Verse 2)
I’ll be resurrected, I’m like a white cue ball/
Put me in the hole, it’s just a scratch, the truth y’all/
Saint spitting sweeter switching/ to speaker stitching/
Holy Hollowed Honey Having Heathen Stricken/
Resurrection, we want to live even half of this/
Cause how you go ever scare a Lazarus! /
And everywhere no bear trap snare is hazardous/
When you stare at death you can’t help but laugh at it! /

Track Name: Advent
(Verse 1)
Picture this drinking your Bacardi son/
50 Cent got 9 shots; you’ll get the other 41/
Picture this, gangsters dealing in coke/
50 Cent survived his 9 shots but you little Gs just won’t/
Smoking shitty spliffs so swift, my peers think with sausages/
Then you wonder why they under, they can’t think positive/
So don’t call yourself soldier; you’re not in an infantry/
And the word bullshit don’t even invoke the imagery/
Enslaved gangsta rappers, mirror their masters, it’ll hurt to show/
They’re not against slavery, just wanna reverse the roles/
I ain’t no white savior, no Sir Christopher Columbus/
But for me everything is secondary to justice/
You advertise/ a lie/ cause I know there’s a better way/
Like an aborted fetus, I wasn’t born yesterday/
I don’t care what you little pricks go learn to be/
Just know it’s an evil game like the Olympics in Germany/

(Immortal Technique Clip)

(Verse 2)
I freed my mind like Abe Lincoln’s slaves with scripture/
And my words are missed by the censorship filter/
Punish billionaires, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet/
Urban robin hoods roaring, “You can just suck it!” /
They could save the whole-wide world at the drop of a bucket/
But like the Iceland Volcano, their heart is Core-rupted/
Don’t tell me to stuff it; I’m not a thanksgiving turkey/
I ain’t giving thanks for the bank winning perky early/
If politics is the third world, I’m the IMF/
Intelligent Minister Freedman, gonna leave nothing left/
How does it feel to be cursed by every religious book? /
This the cry of Naboth, “Yo look at what those snitches took!” /
Witnesses look, apokalypsis of steep prescriptions/
Causing stupid shit riots over Artemis in Ephesus/
Feeling like John the Baptist standing over the Jordan/
Repent, God’s coming, so don’t say I didn’t give warning/

(Paul Washer Clip)

(Verse 3)
(Verses 1 & 3 of O Holy Night! Text: John S. Dwight, Music: Adolphe Adam)

O holy night! The stars are brightly shining/
It is the night of the dear Savior’s birth/
Long lay the world in sin and error pinning/
Till He appeared and the soul felt its worth/
Truly He taught us to love one another/
His law is love and His gospel is peace/
Chains shall He break, for the slave is our brother/
And in His name all oppression shall cease/