Help My Discontent

by R.U.I.N.

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"Help My Discontent" (2015) is the second studio album from Toronto emcee, R.U.I.N., following 2013's The Audacity of Dope, with production from Juno award winner Relic, as well as other outstanding Canadian producers like Fresh Kils and royceBIRTH, along with many others as well. It follows the story of the disgruntled saint struggling with many diverse issues that eat away upon our ability to be grateful in life. From struggles for respect and success, to academic squabbles, to dating, to art becoming work instead of fun, to medications, to retail work, and even to global injustices like war, "Help My Discontent" provides honest portrayals of struggling with all these sources of potential complaining in our lives, and sends up a prayer to the Creator, that despite of this we are truly grateful, but that we will always have a need for continual strength to help our discontent. Featuring Canadian emcees, SéAn Prominent and royceBIRTH, and Cincinnati's own MC Forty of Sleeping Showers, "Help My Discontent" is an exploration of gratefulness, complaining, honest life, and ultimately the hope that new life can spring from our glasses, whether we view them as half-full or half-empty.

For more, see C. Upton's (AKA R.U.I.N.) essay, based in Christian theology, on these same themes:


released February 18, 2015


All songs written, and performed (with the exception of features and cuts) by C.Upton (R.U.I.N.) in association with Gamma Delta Productions. Tracks 1-7, 9-16 recorded, edited, and mixed (with the exception of features and cuts) by juno award winning producer Relic AKA Rel McCoy at The Reservoir Studios ( Track 8 was recorded, edited and mixed at Verden Studios (

Cover Art by Karima Dieleman (
Twitter: @karimaartist

Production for Tracks 1 & 10 and Featured on Track 11
by royceBIRTH
Twitter: @roycebirth

Production for Tracks 2, 3, 5, & 14
by DJ Sean P (
Twitter: @djseanp
Press Contact:

Production for Tracks 4 & 6
by Fresh Kils
Twitter: @freshkils
Booking Agent:

Production for Tracks 7 & 8 and Cuts on track 14
by Relic (
Twitter: @RELMcCoy

Production and Cuts for Tracks 9 & 15
by DJ Semi (
Twitter: @djSemi
General Manager:

Production for Tracks 11 & 16
by Troy K.
Twitter: @TroyKbeats

Featured on Track 11- SéAn Prominent
Twitter: @SPreadWord

Featured on Track 11- Shone Bobby

Production for Track 12
by Brett Klassen (
Twitter: @brett_klassen
Booking Contact:

Production for Track 13
by Sebastian Tomczyk

Featured on Track 13- MC Forty

Special thanks to J. Corbin AKA The Runaway for sending Relic's production of Tracks 7 & 8 to R.U.I.N. For his information:
Twitter: @therunawaymusic

Special thanks also to (1) Thomas Rumney (T-Rum) for transportation needs, (2) Tobi Oladipo for lending his vocals to the reading of the adaption of the Gospel of Mark found at between tracks 12 & 13 and for sending the recording, and (3) to CityLights for support and encouragement, for information concerning CityLights:




all rights reserved
Track Name: Help My Discontent (Intro)
Lord, Help My Discontent/
I ate these rappers, but I ain’t been fed/
Lord, Help My Discontent/
I put my heart out, but still need these meds/
Lord, Help My Discontent/
I prayed in your name, but it ain’t been read/
Lord, Help My Discontent/
My cup runs over, but it spills again/

One half saying I’m too wordy, ‘ands’, ‘ifs’, and ‘buts’/
Got Christians mad I use ‘damn’, ‘shit’, and ‘slut’/
God damn kid enough/
Why don’t you write an essay, leave this rap gift to us?! /
Cause its too precious, its too golden/
To be left with rodents, that’ll erode it/
You don’t leave your money in the hands of a theft/
You don’t build an army with children of the weak/
You don’t get stones for your crib, then build it on the beach/
So why leave the truth, in the hands of deceit? /
They all say they hot, but man this is bleak! /
I gave you Hip-Hop, you tied its hands and its feet/
Bound to the tree, what I found in the streets/
I gave it change for it now in the week/
Don’t you know it’ll spend it on liquor and drugs? /
That’s what I’d spend it on, cause/ some society sold
So many sexy silhouettes/ but superficial ain’t the way/
When placing your bets/ Thorns and thistles bleed for days/
When you’re facing your death/ gaping for breath/
Told to be satisfied, but weren’t made for this/
Count your blessings, and erase the rest? /
You may resist/ but that means your ungrateful/
I may complain but I’m faithful/ help my discontent/

Track Name: Right Here
(Verse 1)
Angry lions/ stomping on dandelions/ Ripped
Open bubble gum rapper piñatas, candy’s flying/
Terrible, tear them open, party-time don’t waste it
They the Chris Rock/ of Hip-Hop/ everybody hates shit/
Wish their sound/ reach underground/ buzzing/ that they
Were all that they wasn’t/ thought they were political
Pundits/ cause they hated George Bush/ so did everybody else/
Turn off your instrumental, don’t record, Sush! /
Ain’t never pick-up their father’s gun/ or change a problem
None/ wanna be so radical but they gossip some/
Tell jokes, smoke til they stop their lungs/
Ain’t made for the Frontlines/ kicking their dumb rhymes/ your done! /
You heard The Fray, here’s ‘How to save your soul’ /
You were made to meet your maker, so turn around and go! /
Simple yo/ Be aware/ while y’all beware/
Made the leap from no-where to now-here/ get at me, I have no fear/

(Hook) (X2)
Punks be running off they mouth/
They don’t know what I’m about/
Only one can win, so who go lose/
‘UR’ in R.U.I.N. that’s a clue/

(Verse 2)
Don’t act like you don’t know, playing timid with problems/
You probably Happy with Pharrell raping women with Robin/
Whoops! When’d it become embarrassing to be speaking the truth? /
You and all your merry men are so eager to lose/
I give you compensation with three pizzas to boot/
You can get your three musketeers to shoot/
All for one and one for all, bust your mean ninas at dude/
Won’t make me shiver, got street demeanor with cooth/
I’ll Bust it with a mic, leave sweet speakers abused/
You can’t even bite, like tinnie babies teething at two/
I’m a hurricane of fresh air, you barely seeping it through/
Can’t picture ya hard, like Anthony Weener in nude/
You’ll just wreck your balls, get the Miley diva salute/
Cause the day you pop, it’ll be while she’ll read up the news/
Cause you copied her twerk, she’ll fiend for a suit/
If you mocking me first, remember, we done-di-da with you/

(Hook) (X2)
Track Name: Young Minds Grow
Verse 1)
(Emcees and DJs are two man teams)
That’s why its R.U.I.N. and DJ Sean P/
The chosen praying/ know you’ve waited/ while liquor
Thieves/ been hitting wicked trees/ the bush been blazing/
I wasn’t smoking kush, but it was saying/
You’ll need a provoking push but you’ll be a God to Satan/
As their façade builds/ like vaudevilles/ with hard skills/
What you got’s real/ the words of man may sting but God Kills! /
Oh oh/ you think smoking cancer sticks/ is subversive?
Tell you the answer quick! / No! /
You wordsmiths/ wanna be Immortal Technique/ but you think
It’s all about how you speak/ trying to be/
The Illest, like golden age Wu-Tangs/ you say you old
School but you gotta adopt a new slang/ get a new name! /
Telling me knowledge is the key to unlock the door/
But I don’t wanna get in, I want the whole house and
I’ll knock with force/ evict the mock Landlords/ rip off the damn
Doors/ then make false teachers mop the damn floors/


(Verse 2)
(Be a trend setter, can we see good on earth?)
Gather ‘round my son, gonna teach ya from birth/
Be slow to anger, and speak, but quick to listen/
The fear of God is the start of wisdom/
Despise upper-class sensibilities and manners/
Cause the New Slaves are now the new slave masters/
The first teacher, said ‘You Must Learn!’ /
But they ain’t read cause they didn’t think it was their concern/
But you check the bibliography/
Or you won’t know ish about the affair, like a failed monogamy/
And son, one word on sex and rap, a brief talk/
Don’t screw with anybody whose been around the block/
Artificial intelligence? /
Not smart robots, people just artificial and irrelevant/
Brave New World, they go try to sell you it/
But you desire the Kingdom of God and fellowship/ Preach on a song? / shoo I’m instructing my son/
And for all my words of wisdom, I’m tell him its on/


Down in the depths, I watch the world go by/
But now my chains be cast aside/
Saw the masters, went to the light/
Saw all anew, had to adjust my sight/

Down in the depths, they watch the world go by/
But now my chains be cast aside/
Want the same for them, I return/
But do they want freedom or wish to learn? /
Track Name: Gather 'round
(Verse 1)
Rich kids want nice firm Versace/
In the sixth grade I craved some Nike Huaraches/
Thought it’d help my b-ball jump/ didn’t help at all nuff’/
Worst on the team but we all sucked/
All pegged/ by the commercial ghetto plague/
Thought brand new jerseys would help our NBA game/
We dissed 50 Cent/ and rappers over 30/
But if they’re the ish/ gotta admit/ we must be worthy/
But my family/ enamored me/ to shop second handed/
At Goodwill some laughed at it/
Sally Ann, Thrift shop, value village discounts/
Oversized clothing, I took this route/
While Lil’Wayne Bill Gatin’ with his pop fame/
Look at Bill Gates, he ain’t got to rock chains/
He knows what he’s got, knows who he is/
If you got it, you ain’t gotta show-off kids/
Gather ‘round

(Hook) (X2)
Listen to stories from “R.U.I.N.”/
So watch how I do it/
Gather ‘round, while I open the pages/
Learn what I learned from the pavement/
I’ve earned what my name is/
Gather ‘round

(Verse 2)
Want to be rid of these fools/ in middle school/
Kids think they lil’ cool/ when they hit, it’s simple proof/
Of their masculinity and their triumph/
No creativity their minds will become quite dumb/
But I won’t try some/ judging with a mallet/
Or a wig cause at scraping I was a pitbull with talent/
And big/ it must’a been 4 or 5 fights in the play yard/
Can’t recall one loss, I must’a played hard/
One kid like ‘you a racist’ / I said ‘nah,
Ain’t nothing to do with what your face is/
You're an asshole’ then at my eye/ second try/
Then it was all over, goodbye/
I didn’t move an inch/ didn’t flinch/ they held back their man/
The look in my eyes scared them, they just ran/
No fist, no silence, show no pain/ No violence/
My gain/ so gather ‘round man/

(Hook) (X2)
Track Name: Let Me Be
(Hook) (X1)

(Verse 1)
Hey UrbanTimes/ you’ve spurred this guy/ to burn in minds/
And further chime/ why I’ll wash out this system, turbid tide/
They want me to be curbing my/ thoughts so they half-baked
Like serving pie/ good thing they can’t purchase rhymes/
You can take this to the bank, insure yourself
Insurance like a nervous guy/ who wants assurance, why? /
Ain’t go send letters to editors/ got better words/ “Screw you!”/ I’m ‘bout to
Furnish my/ new house, taking over in your tomb/
Causing a disturbance, even at funeral
Service for this time/ I’ve wasted, like I’m a worthless scribe/
Using serpent’s spines/ Cause they sold my
Voice, like all major music mogul merchant’s lies/
My phrases turn, while I turn on a phrase, or I curve this rhyme/
Watch me make this bread, then drink the church’s wine/
With my fire furnace inside/ I’ll burn the sky/
Guess they couldn’t let me be, cause then they couldn’t flourish, bye/

(Hook) (X2)

(Verse 2)
New College was mad, thought they saw a boob collage/
But Babylon don’t wear shoes with socks or blue polka-dots/
Academy can get mad at me, all they want/
It’s the whore of Babylon, not mother goose, call me blunt/
Woke up with too many footnotes up they ass/
Smart on my feet, pardon the streets, all my hood folk talking crass/
Sophisticate ignorance sanctified refreshments/
Try’ta tame fire, raise up ire, can’t blind eye concessions/
Kiss my abstract, suck my paper, lick my thesis/
Too pissed to retract for my haters, the kid don’t need this/
Your criticism man ain’t even constructive/
Your comments more like, “Yo what the fuck’s this?” /
Except but you wouldn’t use the word yo/
Cause aye is more intelligent right? Okey-dokey dope/
Aye aye aye, what the hell’s this laddie? /
I’m done being the university’s caddie/

(Hook) (X2)
Track Name: Ain't No Sunshine
(Verse 1)
Want a woman who could stand on her own two feet/
Ain’t afraid to let me sweep them off, we/
Are awesome/ she blossom/ when she see me/ Tackle/
Hassles, I’m solving all them problems b/
Want a wife, who gives public affection/
She knows I’ll give it back, she loves the attention/
Yes we bump into tension/ but it don’t matter
When we snug up, drum up to the same riff/
This what I want but I stay on the same shit/
Wrote many love letters on wasted pages/
No success, hit the web like liquor/
I'm no accountant, but I love good figures/
Ice skater figure eights/ Went to the yard to
Get your milkshake/ but beauty passes with age/
Praying to God on my knees/ they want me/
To settle with a hoe, but what I want is a queen/ yo!

Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone (x3)
Ain’t no sunshine

(Verse 2)
Charm, sex appeal goes away but I’ll/
Still believe Shakira’s hips don’t lie, I’m gullible/
Ain’t bluffing/ glad I ain’t kin with Kate Upton/
Still a virgin, look where, I’m shoved in/
Yes the pun was fully intended, cause it’s/
So hard when the only cure to lust is to be a husband/
But its/ hard to get hitched/ and not feel like calling
A girl a…well, when she turn ya down, which/
Only exasperates/ and doesn’t discourage
Masta-…well, doesn’t help chastity wait! /
You wrote, ‘To The Future’, and I wrote to yours/
And I meant for ours, So why was I so sure? /
Cause I ain’t apathetic, when I so adore/
A body and spirit, I wanna take that course/
God, I want my wife whose my whole world, you see? /
So when I’m on top of the world, you’ll know what I mean/


(Bridge) (X2)
I met the right woman at the wrong time/
Here I am saying all the wrong rhymes/
Weave the fabric, only imagine/
The perfect love, ya I could’ve had it/


Track Name: I Remember
I remember when this use to be for fun/
Kicking my right foot to the beat of the drum/
Waiting for heroes and songs that were unsung/
When joke freestyles just rolled off the tongue/
When I rabbled to myself in the bathroom/
And when I just waited to be in that mood/
But now I gotta double or triple the syllables/
Create sick ad libs, skits, and fill-in quotes/
Be real, dope, catchy, and still it shows/
That you got knowledge too when you killing pros/
Everybody tell me, the beats are so J Dilla dope/
Ya, I know, I feel it bro, I dropped two bills on it yo! /
What’cha think of the lyrics? Oh that’s right! /
You don’t like to think, less it got that vibe/
Cause you want others to be your vicarious voice/
Well guess what homes, I don’t care if it annoys/
I remember when this use to be for fun/
Kicking my right foot to the beat of the drum/
Didn’t care if I shined or was sunned/
May be its better to just have an audience of one/
Had a woman I respect tell me, yo listen/
Please don’t be taking this as a dissing/
But you’re really wordy, nobody can hear you/
Over your dope beats, so nobody will fear you/
Or those dope punchlines you delivering /
May be cut out the beat, then they’ll know you’ll be killing it! /
Oh you mean like spoken word, all acapella? /
[Yeah!] Oh if she could see my anger as it swelled up! /
Wasn’t her fault, I know she was tip-toeing/
She wasn’t dissing what I said, or how I was flowing/
But if my ego had a scab, it just opened/
Thought I was a good emcee, may be I was just hoping/
I remember when this use to be for fun/
Kicking my right foot to the beat of the drum/
Remembered when it was me, and I was the only one/
Rhyme out the booth, now I’m the lonely one/
Had another friend tell me I was a niche market/
Probably cause I cuss and use the Bible when I spar with/
The powers that be, but you can’t pigeon hole/
This tuncan Sam, when he’s got a privileged nose/
To smell when something’s fishy, when you finna told/
You gotta not go so hard, when you’re ripping bro/
Say the name of Christ moe/ Shoo, but if I didn’t /
Drop rhymes you like/ I quote the Bible every time I chime/
Told’em to repent and put their faith in Christ/
But if you think I screwed up a line, then fine! /
When all I said was that the World’s effed up! /
Like original Sin, then you don’t know what’s what/
I remember when this use to be for fun/
Kicking my right foot to the beat of the drum/
When we put in CDs and let’em spun/
Now we can’t give props cause we’re getting none/
When you didn’t have to be a rap god, rap god/
Or be so cold, to break out the egg nog, egg nog/
When criticism was rare, and praise was plenty/
Our numbers, we didn’t care, disdained the spreadsheet/
All about community, not the individual/
Runaway, thanks for these beats I’d be spitting to/
Five percenters, fine, at least it was five percent/
Better then asking where our minds have went/
Remember when I spit, “I be Ludacris before
Working with Bieber!” / y’all hit the wall like a seizure/
But now we hardly tetter/ seems like we never totter [taught her]/
Every man is a son, every woman is a daughter/
I remember when this use to be for fun/
Kicking my right foot to the beat of the drum/
Has it all just become too familiar? /
Lots of friends, but where’s my La Familia? /
Does the world really need another rap album? /
I ain’t sure, don’t know why I doubt son/
Wondering where all the joy had gone/
And if it’s not fun, then why continue on? /
Just remember,
Don’t you dare grow up too soon
Just remember
Don’t you dare grow up too soon
Track Name: The Sermon II
Glass is half full or half empty, be thankful you have a glass/
Make sure the life you’re live now will never have to pass/
Outside your comfort zone, while in Alcatraz/
Maximum security, no freedom, this is what it has to be/
I’m Bruce Almighty trying to force Grace to love me/
Afraid no girl’s glance means I’ll forever be seen as ugly/
Wait for the God with no body to hug me/
Then God became a ‘nobody’, a beaten body, to become me/
No need to force Grace to love me, she already did/
But when I searched she already fled from the kid/
Hate when y’all say “When you don’t look for it, that’s when it’ll appear”/
Cause that means my search for it is all I have to fear/
Even my ‘not caring’ will be my deep hidden desire/
All it is, is throwing gasoline on the fire/
Will I always distribute the thing I’m never given? /
No rest for the wicked, some for the saints? God please give it! /
Meeting God again to make a second first impression/
How I can see in the worst a blessing/
‘God grants the desires of our hearts’ what is he a genie? /
God don’t give what I want, will he give all what I’m needing? /
Maybe I’ll just have to tolerate life, be thankful I’m alive/
Than be joyful, glad, thank God that I thrive/
I was told ‘Love ain’t nothing but the loss of control’ /
Never sure I had either, God take my soul/
Track Name: On a Natural High
(Verse 1)
Watch the Throne? More like watch the toilet seat/
Watch them take a crap, it’s annoying me/
Oh crap, go to the porta-potty/ with your rap
Sheets I’ll make some origami/ more pastrami/
I’m ready for beef if the Lord has got me/
I’m on my own planet, you can’t ignore, so watch me! /
Whose this punk? / sitting like a Buddhist monk?/
Humming ‘ummmm’ / you can kiss my ‘bummmm’/
Yo whatever I says I’ll do/ I will do/
The next time I see you ill dudes/ you’ll be in mildew/
It’s not that I wanna kill you/ I just don’t
Want you to be alive anymore and I still do/
Less accountability/ best believe you can
Count on me/ to relieve my stress by drowning fiends/
In my genius/ I only see de-feet/ when I’m
A shoe-in, I’ll lay out the truth, you can see it/
Cause I’ll…


(Verse 2)
Please don’t compare me to Macklemore/
Angier than Rob Ford on a Crack withdrawal/
When my next hit coming? My punch lines
Are like college kids, always wasted/ in a basement/
So I knock words/ into Oxford’s Dictionary/
With the force of four Ox herds, blast through the sanctuary/
Unlike the Goodwill/ in my hood/
I'm still on fire! / Wisdom my girl won’t cease to find her/
Y’all talk ‘bout putting rappers in tombstones/
I’m just knocking on Heaven’s door asking whose home? /
A rhetorical gift/ But I can’t
Just ignore all those kids/ who get in wars over spliffs/
Or forget morals too quick/ or the sick kids/
Not rappers, but those wondering who their organ donor is/
While I’m sorting over this/ and sporting Tom’s new kicks/
Realized, I’m original, torching a new wick/
Cause I’ll…


(Verse 3)
Dad’s got a good joke, when they say “Hi” /
Says, ‘Wish I was’, don’t we all? But why? /
We’re discontented/ with the life we’ve been given/
So we seek to elevate like Enoch in a vision/
Certainly/ I’m on sertraline/ and clonazepam/
To help me to get to sleep, but not to rock a jam/
Take a page from K-Dot, K’naan, but not KKK/
Y’all burn trees on the lawn, flames, flames, flames/
Discern thieves in the law, cage, cage, cage/
Where they wanna throw you when they find that ye, ye, ye/
Feel like we’re wasting away, so to main-tain-tain/
Get these Purple pills, to get cray cray, cray/
But it only lasts so long, then back to mun-dane-dane/
Need Holy Ghost all throughout the day, day day/
Ain’t saying don’t get high/ All I’m saying is
Watch and question your supply/ o-kay-kay-kay? /
Cause I’ll…

Track Name: W.O.W. Pt. 3 (Words of Want)
(Verse 1)
Tell me that I’m good or that I suck/
Just need a response, don’t need you to give a f*ck/
Silence is unbearable/ Am I incomparable? /
Unique is my word, as far as the lyrics go/
Cause sho, I play with words/ but now I hate these verbs/
They all play games but don’t flip any angry birds/
Give me a ye or nay, sho I’ll take your shit/
Compare me to Ye or Wayne, I’ll even make a mix/
Of me rapping over Guetta, flo rida, and Tiesto chips/
Have a song called Don Cheadle’s Dick/
Just to get you to acknowledge alone that I exist/
F*ck fans, I need you to know that I spit/
No self-serving politics/ Hell’s burning with the obvious/
Sherlock, ya he’s yearning for acknowledgement/
Not a lot of men/ have the courage to jot with a pen/
They have low self-esteem and need your solace friends/

(Hook) (X2)
So what’s worse? Not knowing what you want? /
Or knowing what you want, don’t want you? /
Respect, Love, Justice, what you’d gone do? /
To get it, don’t know what I’ve gone through/

(Verse 2)
For my relationship status, I just put, ‘patient’ /
If chastity is oppressive, patience is Satan/
I stretched the truth, like it had a growth spurt/
Just cause Love blossom, don’t mean it don’t hurt/
Now I got stretch marks, across my heart from deceit/
Thinking of wedding plans, maybe it was just me/
Baby was it just me, good enough or wasn’t / see
All my life I wanted to be a husband/ bee
You’re not as pretty as a flower/
It’s that flowers are almost as pretty as you, so how the/
Bees collect their nectar from the petals/
I just wanna kiss you till your neck hurts and you’re settled/
I’ve always said the only emcee that can eff with me/
Is the one who’ll eff with me/ blessedly/
While I may have to wait for the season/
Just know, if the truth grew, it grew for a reason/

(Hook) (X2)

(Verse 3)
Want the Good Life better than One Republic’s/
Better than Ye’s, found on Mt.Zion’s summit/
Don’t want insomnia as my inspiration/
Trust in God cause nation states act like Satan eh/
They think they’re above the religious law/
Only thing they’ve ever been above is a midget’s jaw/
Sicker then nostrils full of mucus/
Portraying villains as heroes like the Gospel of Judas/
Y'all checking out the debate between the candidates/
Check the facts on page, it's all rigged anyway/
War was continued by a nobel peace prizer/
If more foreign wars occur, don't be surprised son/
Market could be saved by spending less on weapons/
The poor care ‘bout peace, but they ain't represented/
Yeah, I got optimism, I got hope/
I'm just not stupid enough to jump in a sinking boat/

(Hook) (X2)

Interview Clip:
Tupac Shakur- In His Own Words MTV (1997) © MTV NETWORKS
Track Name: Grievance (Feat. Shone Bobby, SéAn Prominent, & royceBIRTH)
(Verse 1)
A child once said Satan invented the gun, kids
Use to say the darnest things/ now they say the smartest things/
We’re taught when we’re small, violence begets violence/
But now, it’s like, ‘that was just a white lie to keep ya quite/
Cause actually violence sometimes beget justice’ /
But the fetus is always aborted, plus this /
Soldiers give up their lives, like Jesus did/
No greater love than this, than for man to die for his friends/
Yeah but Christ carried a cross, not machine guns/
And said love your enemies but you steal from and deceive them/
Those who live by the sword, will die by the sword/
The truth that peace is necessary, bye bye ignored/
Predator/ drones, assassin lists, nuclear bombs/
Just bigger pictures of fights across our school yards/
Gentle children teach our army about blowback/
Violence is a cycle, but they can’t get off that old track/

(Hook) (X2) - Shone Bobby

(Verse 2)-SéAn Prominent

(Hook) (X2) - Shone Bobby

(Verse 3)- royceBIRTH

(Hook) (X2) - Shone Bobby
Track Name: Worms and Soils
(Verse 1)
If Pop music tells us one thing/ we’re stupid as
Hell when they bring/ the hot seller pop fun phone rings/
Ponder whether peddlers got tons of bling/
Of course they do/ they ain’t forcing you/ to endorse the dude/
Enormous truth/ ‘very poor family/ would love more salary/
Get money over morality/
An important reality/ slaves hate kings and chains/ but
But love diamond teeth and T-Pain/ sell they soul/ for the whole/
World to gain/ a rich cook in my building put rims on his car
They were stolen in the dark/ he put them back on/
Stupid, stolen again, this happens/
When your basement smells rat piss/

Eat from the sweat of your brow/
Eat from the sweat of your brow/
Work and toil, worms in soil/
So tell me, How does it sound? /
Eat from the sweat of your brow/
Eat from the sweat of your brow/
Live to work and work to live/
Hear the chains? How does it sound? /

(Verse 2)
Took me too long/ to see I wasted money on/
Pokemon/ cash out my dad’s wallet gone/
All those loonies/ and toonies/ wasting cash on the movies
All of that could have gone to uni/
Unruly as I’m shaking/ saying/
Oh snap! / I’ll work for my cash, oh no I won’t owe OSAP/
I ain’t giving dot gov crap/ cause their loans/
Will own/ me with an amounting a lot of debt/
Till I can pay a $40,000 check/ I’m proud of my dad
The hall monitor/ getting food for his fam, job full of all honour/
So while at Jay-z you holla/ we’ll be the blue collars/
lWorking to survive on a new dollar/ you gotta/


(Verse 3)
I know God takes care us/ money out of nowhere plus/
Blessings he shares but/ ants keep crawling on my food/
And the water seeps through my walls leaking in my room/
Always seem to fall peaking at number two/
Speaking a little truth/ God for our food/ why do we
Only thank you/ and not those that grew it too/
Why should a degree put me in indenture servitude? /
Grades can be bought/ Intelligence cannot/
Now I work a grave-shift just to stay alive/
Went to class to get out of my class, but now my spirit rot/
I love life, but like that old hymn I wanna fly away soon/
What I was is being brought to naught /


Skit: Adaption of the Gospel of Mark 9:20-25 to be found at:
Track Name: No Associations (Feat. MC Forty)
(Verse 1)
Mind on that carousel/ can’t steer it well/
Got no steering wheel/ or even a pair of wheels/
Like no fair, that’s right no fair, ain’t got no
Fare to hop on the bus or cycles of that Paris rail/
To top of the Eiffel, fare thee well/
My nervous turbulence, makes me wanna carry steel/
Can’t trust what I think, peeps don’t spread links/
Weep till I fill up the sink/ no wonder I need seroquel/
To keep peace, ain’t alright y’all/ my mind is
Like Ben Franklin’s light bulb/ it’s ain’t never turned off/
I can’t drink this Smirnoff/ or my chemical balance
Will spurned off/ so hitting bar scenes/ is a far reach/
My hormones complain/ cause the only thing/ that gets screwed/
Are bolts on my head, don’t get it misconstrued/
Can’t trust this world, or meet it’s demands/
Put my head in the palms of God cause I’m desperate, damn/

(Hook) (X2)
Here or there, or all everywhere/
With this or that I have no fear/
No associations, except for God/
No associations, I go that hard/

(Verse 2) (MC Forty)

(Hook) (X2)

(Bridge) (X2) (R.U.I.N.)
When all is said and done, and the sun’s has been set/
What will be the words of my one last breath/
Not what I hoped or more than I could dream/
See New Jerusalem, where only God is King/

(Hook) (X2)

(Bridge) (X2) (MC Forty)
Track Name: I'm So Great-Full
(Verse 1)
Eat Emcees/ overseas/ with Ovaries? / no thanks I'm gon' /
Got more than ‘nuff to eat at home/
T-dot we R.U.I.N.’em and New Breed’em thorough/
Fed off the hood, now I’m eating boroughs/ [Edinburgh’s]
A lyricist who shapes grammar/ with a sharp sword/
Forged torched enforced by Thor’s forceful hammer/
My lines are fitting/ you envy cause skinny jeans/
The only good things/ you emcees be rip rippting/
You care ‘bout athletes taking fake dives/
While bankers cooking math sheets, n’ their cake rise/
Filled with derision, Apocalyptic/ since Psalm
2 was scripted/ Y’all packing? / God’s just laughing/
Verdict established/ with God’s Son’s blood/
He found no fault with me/ the dictionary consulted me/
Honestly/ God what did you promised me? /
While my words bring Hell, don’t let demons follow me/
My sole solemn plea/ constantly/ “I’ll hit you with a gun"
But I try to be a virtuous son/
So swiftly I jumped/ on the altar/ lit the flames/
Said “Here you go God, have me and my game!”/
Now I’ll never falter/ Cause I’m listening/
To every word of God, shouting or whispering/
Beat you with books on library shifts/ those
Those are my greatest hits/ name is R.U.I.N. / r u in? /


"Till the Fire inside dies"- Eminem
"I'm grateful for having gratitude"- Joe Budden
"God I'm so thankful"- Nas

(Verse 2)
I’m a peaceful person, but not peace-filled/
Often wanna grab a full piece, make queens eat swill/
If I don’t cry out will least streets scream still? /
Too nice to tear wool fleece off wolves who so aweful/
Got a right to be angry that don’t make anger right/
You ever think for sunlight you gotta thank the night? /
Bullshit! They left you f*cked, left you stuck/
Left you in the rut once they run a muck/ got a right to run’em up! /
Everything worked out in the end, even the truth stretched/
Love did three laps ‘round you in two trips/
Abroad/ this was suppose to be my happy song/
No longer a slave to anyone’s love, they had me wrong/
Ain’t been with a woman long ‘nuff for any love/
Babe I’m the shit! maybe that’s why I’m always dumped/
My discontent, says be pissed off, you never are! /
But my thanks says, Thank God you ain’t went in so far/
Heartbreaks, miscarriages/ envy, embarrassment/
All Teenage Dream, been so weak, you disparaged it/
Never followed stupid troops of parrot men/
Who say “Love you”, but forsook the proletariat/
A faithful rebel to the very end of it/
Look in the mirror, be proud of what you stare in it/
My skin’s so tough you can light a match on me/
My own better half, how you go find a match for me? /


(Verse 3)
Always focused on what I don’t have, not what I do/
Feasting on my pride, gotta swallow the truth/
Done with hollow pursuits/ models and booze/
Sheep lead to the slaughter, follow in groups/
Waddle in troops/ go full throttle into/
Reality, where they learn not all is all that is blue/
Shiny and conglomerate new/ If I need to do, what
Solomon do/ take what you love, saw’em in two/
You’ll learn what’s most valuable in God’s little view/
What’s important, not a charlatan’s ruse/
Not discontent or thanks, or any problem of you/
Call’em Frank, cause I’m the most honest of dudes/
I chased after queens/ worked for everything/
Only to learn it was all, a lot of misuse/
To be Holy whole, don’t need Allah in the booth/
I just needed what I was, not all I wanna to prove/
Fought for status and recognition/ the baddest at spitting/
Not nice guy, but a great man for the women/
Ain’t god damned, I’m god’s man in the mission/
Cracked white eggheads, now gonna pan all the critics/
Step on Satan’s head, body sandwich his minions/
Watch the world burn, I’ll dance to the rhythm/
Makaveli’s offspring, I’m gonna be God’s/
Then Love to the fullest, till I’ma gonna be gone/

Track Name: Dedicate This 2 U…My Dad
I dedicate this to you
My Dad

(Verse 1)
Friends with drugs lords/ kept things above board/
At Scarlet Wood Court/ grew up with Doug Ford/
Like I was raised in the projects, nah Dad did that/
So hopefully I won’t map through that/
All Life’s Struggles, you gotta laugh through that/
“Cause Life’s too short son” to be mad at that/
Even with impeccable stanzas/ spectacular grammar/
You may always play a second banana/
You know what dad, so we had more time to grow/
Though they picked first, time will show/
That even the first draft, can be green with envy/
That though last, we were ripe lean and plenty/
So I’d rather be the waterboy on the winning team/
Than the coach or quarterback on the losing one/
From Family Guy to theology, and all in between/
You did much more than I could reproduce for ya/
Love You

(Hook) (X4)

(Verse 2)
Remember the season of the swine flu? / The reason I
Mine through/ memories, so I can remind you/ of the time
We dine to/ Tim Hortons/ sit son, imploring/
To have lunch, knew it was important/
“I’ve had the flu for more than eight days/
I may die soon, the news saying the same thing”/
As I stared into your steady blue eyes/
You said it like Biggie, Ready to Die/
Wasn’t suicidal, your soul was content/
Your mission was complete, your goals had been met/
Middle age man, ready to meet Lord at his death/
At peace with his God, his course had been set/
Now I know why you were never ever afraid/
You ain’t hope for sunshine cause you danced in the rain/
I’m proud of you dad, your introduced me to Christ/
Now I fear no man, cause I don’t live for this life/

(Hook) (X4)
Track Name: Dead to the World
(Verse 1)
Feel like I’m writing my suicide note/ Kill myself right/
No! World dead to me/
I died to the world, it go happen eventually/ something
Both you and I know! /
World’s in Ruin/ Ruin wandering the world, he go stop pursuing/
Storm is brewing/
Don’t need no rain drops, lightening or weather man/
To know sunshine won’t last forever man/
The bullshit we bother with/ academic politics/
While gangsters packing up them hollow clips/
Not just those in the corners of the ghetto/
But soldiers killing those who can’t afford a kettle/
Selling they souls, so they’ll adorn a medal/
Colonize to grow opium for more to pedal/
Enslave Africa to export the metal/
To make the ring you go give back, when divorce court is settled! /

Sad news, no body saw me walking
Starin’ at the world through my rearview!
I don’t know
Nobody heard me talking,
Tell me why
Scream to God he can hear you
Sad news, no body saw me walking
Starin’ at the world through my rearview!
I don’t know
Nobody heard me talking,
Tell me why
Scream to God he can hear you

(Verse 2)
Ecclesiates is the only Holy Book/
Cause it pokes holes in everything you probably took/
To be your purpose in life/
But don’t give a shit about any of it, its all worthless and strife/
As we strive to hold on to our labor’s fruit/
To hold onto inspiration or our favorite group/
But to tell ya Die-Rektly its all butta breath/
That melts and passes away, what a sudden mess/
Does it matter if/ he knew these facts/ about Hebrew syntax/
Who she loved, What did we do in that? /
I still ask, did I say what I need to in rap? /
Or is my idea of a diary, a diaheria mishap? /
Truly it’s a rap, not a magna carta/ freedom charter/
Peter Parker/ who see his stardom/
In viliglante sophistry/
If my words make one person love another, then I’ll rest in solemn peace/


(Verse 3)
Straw broke the camel’s back/ I’m all outta ammo rap/
World of mysteries, shoo I unraveled that/
Nothing left, I’m a vagabond/ who tags along/
Nothing left for me to paint, put the canvas up/
At the shore with Bilbo Baggins/ filled up the wagons/
On Mount Zion, I’ll stand still for the captain/
If God wills it will happen/ best believe if I’m killed,
It will be for what I’ll spill when I’m rapping/
Son, put your faith in Christ, wait till kingdom come/
You know when they sling the mud/ they think its just for fun/
Everyone agrees the world is in need of love/
But don’t look to Christ, only one they’ll see it from/
It’s not that you’ll die one day, you’re dying now! /
Repent, trust in the Lord that we finally found/
The word is to wait for judgment day/
Cause the day we’re vindicated is the day we’re appreciated/