B4 There Was DOPE (BONUS EP)

by R.U.I.N.

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The Audacity of DOPE- Aug. 16th!!!!


released August 12, 2013

Recorded at The Reservoir



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Track Name: The Buzzer Pt. 1
Track Name: Dear Mama (R.U.I.N. Remix)
Dear mama, consider this my letter/
My very own way to say love you forever/
Like you for always, that’s what you say to me/
Sky is the limit, child chase your dream/
You celebrate my birthday, but you did all the work/
Like Jesus himself you taught me how to serve/
I know sometimes that I get on your nerves/
And don’t always give the love you deserve/
It always seems like I’m your top concern/
Don’t know discipline, so I got a lot to learn/
Don’t remember what it was like in your belly/
But I’ll try to remember the advice that you tell me/
Even when I made a mistake you would love me/
And you’re always there with tissue when my nose is stuffy/
Always there with a mother’s touch/
I could try to pay you back but it never be enough/
And as I grow older, things are gonna change/
But you’ll always be my mother that will always be the same/
You see me when I triumph and you know when I’m scared/
You’re my mother unique, you can’t be compared/
And when you get older you’ll know I’ll be there/
That’s why I’m so glad that you taught me this prayer/
Mommy loves you, daddy loves you, Jesus loves you too/
You know its true/ you are appreciated
Track Name: The Buzzer Pt. 2
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Jesus-look-alike poet/ no one looks like me/
I gotta Do this, no matter how shook I be/ and you know it! /
You’ll see what I’ve known all along I’m capable of/
No category for this cause you can’t label what you love/
My heart pound starts/ I have no counter-part/
I have no better half/ I’m the best I’ll ever be and that’s that! /
And it’s not that I’m a homosexual/ I’m not even
Hetero, I’m asexual/ you can’t screw with me yo/
If you split the bars/ it’s a deck of cards/ and I’m an Ace /
If I’m not number one, I’m better than a king/ wait wait/
I won’t assume my greatness, you know what assuming does/
It makes an ass out of ‘u’ and ‘me’, God forgive me, but/
I’m not your usual cup of tea/ no rival,
I’m in a different league/ can’t spell competition without petit/
And my critics have their head so far up my ass anyway/
I can’t tell where I end and they begin, makes me say/
I must have the balls to circumcise a Kodak bear/
I’ll hit the nail on the head, and build the whole Goddamn chair/
So I know there’s already/ too many/ you’re sick of all
Our talking/ no more punchlines, you want steady/ kick-boxing/
Jamie Foxx is not a wolf, that’s all/ but with me y’all/
You can’t “Blame it on the alcohol”/ but on how I ball/
While I’m wearing my religious pants, cause they so holey/
I’m God’s work of clay, so no industry advance can mold me/
I ain’t in this for a girl/ or money/ no bluffing/
I’m like a squirrel/ it’s kinda funny/ all I made is nuthin’/
My desire for better, like Little Shop of Horrors/
Cause my talent is yelling at me “Feed ME!” adorers/
But let’s go to matters more serious/ Cops killing kids/
The T-dot/ was shot/ and I hate what they did/ on the block/
O.P.P., Ontario’s P*** P****/ let me be honest
Never did a bid/ but they won’t get away with shit/
With every sin/ it makes it harder for God to forgive/
He don’t have another son for a crucifix/
Cause Justice will be served/ even if she
Orders last she’ll get her desserts first/ that’s the word/
Rome created a desert and called it peace/
The US finds a desert and says who wants a piece/
The cry of Iraq, was same as Haiti “Don’t harm me!” /
The UN occupies then with the USA’s army/
Cuba knew the rich reserves of oil and minerals/
The bald eagle is a vulture, that’s all too literal/
So after the earthquake, Haiti became training ground/
For soldiers to prepare to fight in Afghanistan now/
Colonialism and slavery aren’t over/
With the Haitian children forcibly made organ donors/
Pat Robertson said Haiti’s pact with Satan, brought trouble/
Then the US has it coming back to them in double/
Fool us once, shame on you, fool us twice, shame on us/
We may not learn from history but three times is enough/
Track Name: Brain is Braun (Solo Version)
(Verse 1)
Must be video cameras I’m causing a scene/
Lost in dreams/ my style on parole, broke out of jail free/
Yeah yeah I’m on U of T/ and York Keele Campus map/
Rhyming lecture, yeah yeah this be for real and fuck rap/
Listen, my position is Afghanistan/ no
English, Soviet, Taliban or American/ goes
With every one of their intricate half-ass plans/ shows
That can ever make me move from where I’m standing/ woah!
I’m gonna seal your crypt/ deal with it/ read me like an
Wide Open book, too bad so sad you’re illiterate/
I’m the ballistic/ mystic/ every track I’m spitting is cryptic/
Except this/ accept it/ or I’ll take your wack record and wreck it! /
Act with knowledge/ cause y’all sure acknowledge/
I demolish/ like a Facebook status, there’s no dislike option/
I’ll Pop pimples on your brain/ while you’re simple and plain/
I hit the ground running hard while you’re limping away/

(Hook) (X2)
Brain or Braun? / My brain is Braun/
That G on E, that’s why he’s gone/
Didn’t catch the pun? / Spell it out/
My brain is braun, can’t sell it out/

(Verse 2)
Was sad to say/ this was a bummer delay/
I feel like a hamster on the wheel/ running relays/

It has no beginning, no end/ it only stops there when/

I sleep, even then/ I go nowhere, feel trapped in a pen/
Like my thoughts in ink, in between these notebook margins/

What I thought was pearls, was shown their garbage/ so I barged in/
Where you drink your poison malice in a chalice/
N’ screw around till your careless phallus is calloused/
So why can’t kids get this doctorate and meet Dre? /
Y’all still gonna cop it, cause it’s done my way/ but you say/
‘But This was already done/ once, by KRS-One/ son/
But if he could do this music, then I can do it/ stupid/ R.U.I.N./ What! /
Been told I know how to rhyme, but not how to spit one/
But anything left behind unfinished, I get done/
Yo I’m the Listerine, you’re the gingivitis/
Cause I’m a burn you, so kids better learn when I write this/

(Hook) (X2)

(Verse 3)
Threats are really bluffs/ was a fat kid, Jiggy Puff/ Now
I out rap these silly punks/ I don’t pop the trunk/ sounds
Like a mutant mix between Jigga and Ty Pennington/
It’s the Extreme Takeover when I’m penning this/
You think this is good, wait what’s next/ I’m on the brink of
The hood and success/ seems like sex/ I can’t wait to just have it /
And for it all to happen/ but success is
Love of the people, not lustful passion/ I’ll admit
Like Kanye West, I did dwell in it for ‘The Glory’/
I hope one day at best to tell a better story/
No need for assholes who to pass dro/ I’m ready for the terrific
Task though/ cause when the beats go ‘Lupe’ I go ‘Fi—kicking—asco’ /
Cause I won’t ever dumb it down/ last name Upton, so
Get ready/ heavy knowledge comes with my sound/
Flipping the planet upside round/ and God can’t damn it if it’s
Truth you found/ so everybody sing-along out loud! /

(Hook) (X4)
Track Name: We Already Knew This (Acapella)
Unlike the LOX/ I don’t want money, respect/ or power/
I want to take K’naan’s minute and turn it into an hour/
I want love, authority and contentment/
With no false illusion of being independent/
Cause with my rhymes I want to speak to the world/ and
To think it started with the hatred of a girl/
So I did what I did best, I studied/ it got
Muddy/ pulling the beauty out of the ugly/
The Spirit funds me/ this is the meaning of R.U.I.N./ the world’s
Storm is brewing/ wanna walk on the water? Watch what I’m doing/
Cause I hope to be an example/ but the weight
Of the yoke and the mantel/ I just can’t handle/
Like cracking white eggheads, it slips through my fingers/
Your pens and books and papers/ you better bring your’s/
So after the show/ we can compare notes/
and learn from what each other wrote/
All of us in life being perpetual students/
Discovering God is love and that we already knew this/