B4 There Was Discontent (BONUS EP)

by R.U.I.N.

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The official BONUS EP companion to the new album, "Help My Discontent" (2015) soon to be released by R.U.I.N.

Watch out for it!!!

Twitter: @MCRUIN


released February 2, 2015


All songs written, and performed by C.Upton (R.U.I.N.) in association with Gamma Delta Productions. Tracks 1, 3, & 9 recorded, edited, and mixed by juno award winning producer Relic AKA Rel McCoy at The Reservoir Studios (www.relmccoy.com/the-reservoir-studio.html). Track 2 was recorded, edited, and mixed by Shone Bobby at his home studio. Track 4 was recorded, edited, and mixed in 2010 by C. Upton (R.U.I.N.). Tracks 5-8 were performed live throughout Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.



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Track Name: The Buzzer Pt. 3 (Prod. DJ Sean P)
(Verse 1)
I’ll just layout the relevant facts/ Don’t mess with me/
It’ll be/ like an elephant having sex with a cat/
So I’ll leave’em all with muscular dystrophy/
Then they’ll thank me, cause they just got the diss for free/
I’ll not only own you, I’ll sign the lease/ I’ll rhyme
So many words, they’ll be none left for you to speak/
You think you got vocabulary you’re the next g gone/
Don’t step to me again unless you got a lexicon/
Most of you will die anonymous/ you fail the test/
F your life, you couldn’t be more wrong than this/
You should feel shame in the presence/
Like 50 lost to Evanescence/ I’ll get impressive/
And spit my anguish/ in a dead language/ ancient/ Greek/
You say ‘Aloha’, I say ‘olola’/ it means/ you’re RUINed so long/
Build a house, your rhyme is your nail/
If at first you don’t succeed, you try ‘gain, nah, you fail! /

(Verse 2)
The way I spell out the truth, you think I’m into sorcery/
Want a piece of the pie, nah, there’s more for me/
You’re cordially invited/ to the porcupine stir frying/
Burn these pricks leave’em on the floor cause they still lying! /
Reason you don’t give a shit, you party your ass off/
No one care ‘bout your come back, or sorry you passed dog/
My soul’s fire/ you want the eye, here’s the whole tiger/
Go swallow a rabbit’s foot, you shit out of luck/
I’m the Atila the hun/ of rap, the new teacha/
I make Hannibal Lecter’s son, look like Mother Theresa/
Like when Obama got the Nobel Peace prize/
Not everyone liked it but these sweet lines are still mine/
I never said I was gangster, never said I /
Was poor/ “Then what the heck are you doing this for?”/
I try to enlighten minds beyond the rave and the rant/
This is for those who can, not those who can’t/
I pray this music/ Will be like ‘Yo that’s so sick!”/
While at the same time bound as a Penguin classic/
Yes it’s/ like RUN DMC/ I’m down with the king/
Now everybod’ wanna get a round in the ring/
Throw your hat in/ you read me backwards like Manga/
Till you collapse like Jenga/ expiry date, you a has been/
Sorcerer/ tortures ya/ don’t care what fairies wrote/
I’m here to rain/ on your parade/ and blow up every float! /
Track Name: Courtesy (PRhyme Remix Contest)
Its all unusual, exactly where my words begins/
Thoughts come out of the blue, like smurf semen/
Like a Hersey kiss/ so sweet to say goodbye/
Get your just deserts, cause of the words we mixed good guy/
You can’t con my soul/ or console me/
By playing on a console or listening to Soul Khan homie/
You get the bottom of my sole, if you try to control me/
Kick a jester’s ass, to get the butt of the joke rolling/
Know ya/ history/ Jonah/
Misery/ when you get the heat/ can’t flee/ from the presence of the God/
If you endeavor is wee hard/ know your lessons, not these charts/
My obsession is these bars/
I step to the mark/ my compulsion is confidence/
To get out, no matter how cozy this coffin is/
Bring in violins/ for Rap’s Affidavit/
So listen to the wise king, like what happened after David/
Track Name: Burn the Sky (Touch the Sky Remix)
(Verse 1)
I’m like hockey players, always bruising/
But I’m the referee, never losing/
But I do this/ music/ like Bruce Willis/
Deep impact/ so don’t sleep on this big track/
Your make money lines are no shock to me/
So get ready for first class mockery/
I get sexy money, nah for real/
Like Kate Middleton’s was nude on the dollar bill/
So roll up the rim to win, Tim Hortons/
Roll up the rim to win, it’s imported/
Roll up the rim to win, not important/
Download my EP to see, bit torrent/
Can’t pretend, no Louis Vuitton Don/
More like the loony that got on the wrong song/
I’ll write wise words with thicker ink/ there’s no need to
Run a Scotiabank, when you’re richer than you think/

(Verse 2)
I found pants in the middle of a little field/
Wear someone else’s clothes, it’s how I really feel/
Value village/ how you spin it/ buying old clothes,
or lowering expenses and found few digits/
Yeah I know that ain’t nothing in this world for free/
But there are a lot of things in this world for cheap/
So it’s/ time I despise “Otis”/ pay no mind if/
The flow gets/ gold/ they’re people at their brokest/
So Jay, I don’t care if you made swag/ or Ye’ if you brag/
About your flights, just get out of my way/
So while you flaunt a diamond watch on your arm/
Some don’t know 9 to 5, cause they ain’t got jobs! /
Leaving bare knees cocked/ for a pair of Reeboks/
My Stereos blare more than Tony, when they beat box/
I go to war like the homeless that see a sleep cot/
Rumble with a tongue, Ha! They beat for a box! /

(Verse 3)- Freestyle
Track Name: A Lamentation for 9/11 (Single) (2010)
(“Runnin (Dying to Live) (Instrumental)” by Tupac, Resurrection (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)

(Spoken Word Introduction)
America was awoken from its deep slumber/
On the date that’s a token to our emergency number/
It wasn’t surprising because of its largeness of scale/
Or because of the number of people that were impaled/
But the fact that it was America, the land of the free that got nailed! /
The place where one man’s devastation is another man’s treasure/
Where one man’s bloodshed is another man’s pleasure/
Where your battlefields are another man’s homeland desert/
Why would they want to hurt us? / Scream the Iraqi and the American

(Verse 1)
The movies reality had its incarnation/
The loonies salary increased after incarcerations/
In the aftermath of the attack/ we all know that/ they
They were rubbing their hands in oil ‘slickly slack’/
A terrorist attack/ on the USA was anticipated/
You want to stop terrorism stop participating/
Before this happened, everyone was singing Kumbaiya/
But you can’t now that corpses loom by ya/
The rest of the world, suffered this decades upon decades/
But now you know what you can and can’t take/
You’ve ignored your checks and balances, if they were balanced/
America’s heart was shown not to be cold and calloused/
For loudly you can hear the crying of the oppressed/
It came from the belly of the country that was called the best/

Now for this nation/ let me give a Lamentation/
“The kings of the Earth”/ could not believe the hurt/
“And all the world’s inhabitants”/ could not have imagined it/
Ten years later, still can’t fathom it/
“An enemy entered” New York’s gates/
No one could have prophesied that fate/
Yet it happened/

(Verse 2)
In the aftermath, they were plotting the plan and colluding/
But absolute power corrupts, yup, absolutely/
So we should pray and repent/ for the innocent/ plead with me/
Because three cords are not broken easily/ but we’ve/
Seen this before, it’s like ring-around-a-Rosy/
Empires rise, do the hokey-pokey/ and then collapse, slowly/
The leaders strength and power is an illusion/ all it takes
Is one mad gangster to pull out a gat and prove it/
And every Holocaust/ has a cost/ your fifty stars off your American flag/
Orr their fifty scars off their children's legs/
You maybe innovative when you invent/
You may inno-vent/ when you create your weapons you sent/
But “The 12 Angry Men”/ won’t find you innocent/ I don’t need two cents/
To vent/ rage/ on the page/ I’ll do it in a cent/
“Lord, see how I am in distress, I am churning within”/
God see how in wars they think somebody wins/

Now for this nation/ let me give a Lamentation/
“The kings of the Earth”/ could not believe the hurt/
“And all the world’s inhabitants”/ could not have imagined it/
Ten years later, still can’t fathom it/
“An enemy entered” New York’s gates/
No one could have prophesied that fate/
Yet it happened/

The ten year anniversary/ this is what worries me/
We haven’t learned from it, so nothing is deterring me/
From cutting my emotional veins, so let the verses bleed/
The raw truth in my heart that it truly hurts to see/
Harper said the greatest threat to Canada was Islamicism/
But he’s never seen the world with their prism/
See it through their eyes, our massive immortality/
Is the equivalent to Middle Eastern brutality/
Was 9/11 a controlled government demolition? /
Wouldn’t be surprised, but I got another mission/
Here’s the message, I wanna send/ the only thing
9/11 spelt out was America’s end/
Track Name: Kermit (Acapella)
I see my past/ like in the rearview/
Mirror/ never amongst peers/ young punks sneers/ tongues and ears/
But his own soul’s lungs filled with fear sung weird/ “I’m pierced” /
Rolling Phillies/ thinking it’ll give’em skill to go a mille/
A mille, a mille, a mille but really/
Worrying if it’s laced/ and hurrying to check, smelt it/ and dealt it/
To put money in place/ and to save face/ drugs are an escape/
To every whim and whism/ to see what life is/
It’s for cowards and wimps/ who couldn’t figure out their shit/
One thing they didn’t figura/ from Jigga/
If you turn your back on your problems they’ll just get bigger/
Kids on the block, killing every dream/ call’em Kermit/
He is what he chases green/ and it hurts him/
He loves it/ as a puppet/ he even got a hand up his/
Nah, I won’t, no need
To say it/ you know ‘The Dance With
The Devil’, no need to play it/
Track Name: Tell-Tale Heart (Remix, Pt. 1) (Acapella)
Impossible to say/ how the hostile thought/ entered my 
But once thought/ it haunted me all those nights and days/

Object there was none/ Passion there was none/ I loved/

The old man, he had never wronged me, no not once/

He never insulted me/ Found fault with me/ I didn't 
Want his gold/
When the old/ man looked my blood turned cold/ 
Yes this was it!
His evil vulture eye/ I wanted to 
Sculp and pry/
His pale blue eyeball out of his skull that night/

You fancy me mad but madmen know nothing/

You should have seen me, I was very wise and cunning/

The seven nights before/ I crept in to his door/

He kept his eye shut, snored/ I left more stressed of course/

But I stayed cool, and obeyed the rules, I was cautious/

You couldn't imagine a fool could plot this/

On the eighth night, I opened the door slowly, no creaking/

And covered the lantern, no light leaking/

Laughing inside/ cause he didn't know my/ secret schemes/

We shared breakfast, not knowing my recent deeds/

My blueprint of first degree was intricate diligence/

You call me insane, yet this was sheer brillance/

I approach, tippy toe, real slow, little by little/

I don't hate the man, just the eye, so fickle/

I fiddled/ with the lantern and missed with loose care/

The old man awoke and shouted out loud 'Who's There?!' /
Track Name: The Forgetful God (Acapella)
(Verse 1)
This story begins in a monastery/
So secluded, with a beautiful sanctuary/
There was one/ radical nun/ that others had shunned/
And soon, all the accusations begun/
Breaking her rosary into a dozen pieces/
She claimed she was having visions of Jesus/
The news eventually reached the archbishop/
Because the rest of them were filled with derision/
So he gathered the council and said, “What should we do?” /
One said, “Yes! we must see if this is true!” /
Others were skeptical/ Thought it was a cheap spectacle/
Or worse/ it was the work/ of the Devil/
So they decided after the sunset service/
But the light will still expose their purpose/
He’s nervous/ the next morning he wore his long crucifix/
Thinking “Either she’s a saint or a wicked witch.” /
So he approached her and said “It’s not that I don’t believe you, /
It’s that I don’t want to devil to cheat you. /
The next time ask him/ what sins I confessed last to him/
We’ll see if it’s true or if you’re imagining.” /
She said “Yea of little faith, I’ll ask the Christ, /
And hopefully the answer he’ll give will suffice.” /
So in September, she remembered, but no show/
In October she was mentally sober, no show/
She wondered if it was something she did or thought/
But the archbishop was planning an evil plot/
Those who need forgiveness claim to be with God/
Say one thing but do another. Such a sad façade/

(Verse 2)
With her hands against the wall looking at the icon/
Wondering where the Hell all her faith had gone/
She would take the Eucharist and light the incense/
Trying to purge all crookedness and indulgence/
Meanwhile the Archbishop he got some dirt on her/
She had a child out of wedlock in Nuremberg/
Now it was the newest rumor in the convent/
So once the word had broken she was despondent/
She missed the chance to light a candle for advent/
With her sin, they would never forget to resent/
They weren’t laughing/ asking how could this happen/
Should they kick her out or keep her in St.Catherine’s? /
What would they do with Mary Magdalene? /
Forgive her, accept her or send her packing? /
They ain’t talked about Satan much/ until this month/
Had come in such/ a manner as this with her sins/
If you talked about Satan, some were bothered/
I’d be upset to if you talked about my father/
Justifying their pretences like a sophist/
Then have the nerve to take the seat of Moses/
But her black robe only meant her death and sadness/
On Ash Wednesday, she covered herself in ashes/
To decide, to leave the child aside, to be adopted/
Seemed best, when she joined God in her bondage/
Then she went before the council to learn her fate/
Her life after this case, she couldn’t contemplate/
It seemed like this situation, she had been roped in/
But then all their mind’s closed eyes were wide opened/
God’s loud voice was like Niagara falls rushing/
All’s quiet, but the bishop wasn’t at all budging/
It was Jesus, the most recognizable of names/
At this point you’d think he put them all to shame/
Instead he said “You were found, but you were once lost. /
My gift of grace you forgot along with the cross. /
About all your sins and evil endeavors, /
I don’t remember/
Track Name: Dead to the World (Shorter Acapella)
(Verse 2)
Ecclesiates is the only Holy Book/
Cause it pokes holes in everything you probably took/
To be your purpose in life/
But don’t give a shit about any of it, its all worthless and strife/
As we strive to hold on to our labor’s fruit/
To hold onto inspiration or our favorite group/
But to tell ya Die-Rektly its all butta breath/
That melts and passes away, what a sudden mess/
Does it matter if/ he knew these facts/ about Hebrew syntax/
Who she loved, What did we do in that? /
I still ask, did I say what I need to in rap? /
Or is my idea of a diary, a diaheria mishap? /
Truly it’s a rap, not a magna carta/ freedom charter/
Peter Parker/ who see his stardom/
In viliglante sophistry/
If my words make one person love another, then I’ll rest in solemn peace/


(Verse 3)
Straw broke the camel’s back/ I’m all outta ammo rap/
World of mysteries, shoo I unraveled that/
Nothing left, I’m a vagabond/ who tags along/
Nothing left for me to paint, put the canvas up/
At the shore with Bilbo Baggins/ filled up the wagons/
On Mount Zion, I’ll stand still for the captain/
If God wills it will happen/ best believe if I’m killed,
It will be for what I’ll spill when I’m rapping/
Son, put your faith in Christ, wait till kingdom come/
You know when they sling the mud/ they think its just for fun/
Everyone agrees the world is in need of love/
But don’t look to Christ, only one they’ll see it from/
It’s not that you’ll die one day, you’re dying now! /
Repent, trust in the Lord that we finally found/
The word is to wait for judgment day/
Cause the day we’re vindicated is the day we’re appreciated/

Track Name: #EdinburghVerse (Acapella)
Sorry Chapters, the Earth don’t belong to the geek/

Who write footnotes, but not notes for the feet/

Writing in a city that has two tall statues/

One Adam Smith, the other David Hume/

Can I presume/ that you don’t believe in magic or you do? /

Let me resume/ try to prove/

Miracles in our everyday space exude/

But you say they don’t happen cause they don’t happen to you? /

Pretty euro-centric, but you ain’t the centre/

Of attention for all our weather/ Mr. Hume/

But some how when the market’s unfettered/

And it works in your endeavors/ it was the invisible hand that moved? /

Hmm, funny religion, capitalism/

Where you pray to you, other’s pain is your system/

My God loves all, but justice is not yet present/

So I wait for the day when the king is the peasant/